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20 Hens Party Themes

12 Aug 2023


Planning a hen party can be tricky when you have to please so many different interests! Everyone has their idea of the perfect hen do and it can feel impossible to please everyone.

The good news is there are loads of unique theme ideas, so you’re sure to find something that appeals to every hen. Whether they want something classy, funny, unique or classic, you’re sure to find something that everyone will love!

Classic Hen Do Themes

1. Traditional

Traditional hen party accessories are everywhere, the L plates, sashes, badges, tiaras, the lot. You name it each member of the group will be wearing it. Let’s be honest everyone loves it and it makes it obvious to everyone else that you are out on the celebration!

2. Pyjama Party

Everyone loves to lounge about in our comfy clothes so if you are planning on relaxing for your celebration a pyjama party would be great! You could even order some personalised or matching pyjamas for all the girlies in your group!

Try our Mobile Pamper Party or how about a private chef to cook a specially curated menu for your hens?

3. Pink

Pretty in Pink! Pink is a statement colour that everyone can wear and is perfect for a girl’s night out. There are a huge variety of different shades and fun styles to choose from! “Pink isn’t just a colour, it’s an attitude!” Miley Cyrus.

4. Playboy Bunnies

An old favourite, this timeless classic is still popular at many hen parties. Ask your guests to dress all in black, the sexier the better! Bunny sets include ears, a Playboy collar and of course the Bunny tail.

This theme is also a great choice for when your group is on a budget.

5. School Girls

Bring out your inner Britney with the schoolgirl hen party theme. Think pleated skirts, white shirts and ties. You can make your outfit your own and there is loads of inspiration online!

Funny Ideas

1. Disney Princess Theme

Everyone has dreamt of being a Disney princess ever since they were a little girl so why not make the weekend your chance? Grab your tiaras and celebrate marrying your prince charming!

2. Social Memes

If you use social media you will probably have a favourite meme. So why not dress up as your bride-to-be’s favourite one, whatever that may be? It would be a great inside joke that you can all laugh about and gives you a chance to get crafty with your outfit!

3. Come dressed as the bride

Think of the Kris Jenner birthday bash and come dressed as the bride-to-be in her most iconic era! Keep it a secret and surprise her, it will be sure to make her laugh and make for some great photo opportunities!

4. Jockeys

Get dressed up in different colours wearing fulling knee height boots. Don’t forget to take the whip out on the night as well! If you want to go all out maybe purchase some inflatable horses to gallop into the night on your trusty steed!

5. Minions

Perfect for big groups, the minion’s costume fancy dress only requires a pair of denim dungarees and a yellow t-shirt. One of the simplest but most hilarious themes on this list.

Unique Themes

1. Neon

Stand out from the crowd by going with a neon theme. It’s bright, it’s bold, and it’s the perfect theme if you are a group of girls who are up for anything and just want to have some fun. Wear neon outfits, neon makeup and even drink neon shots! You can really go hard with this one!

2. Dress as your Other Half

A funny choice if you are wanting a laugh! This could be a surprise you keep from the bride-to-be by turning up on the day dressed as her fiancé! It will be the perfect photo opportunity that we are sure the bride-to-be will not forget!

3. Harry Potter

The popular book and film franchise is huge everywhere and if you have an HP fan in your group it would be a great idea to get involved in dressing up, especially if your activity is Harry themed.

Check out GoHen’s extensive list of Harry Potter activities!

4. Festival Theme Ideas

Summer is all about the festival life so if your weekend celebrations fall during the summer months then a festival-themed hen party might be the perfect choice for you.

Some ideas include:

Face Painting, Flower Crowns, Glamping, Glitter, Hog Roast, Hot Tub Hire, Live Music and Silent Discos! You could even create your own wristband for guests as a fun keepsake.

5. Hawaiian

Get your leis out and your straw skirts and get ready to shake those hips for your Hawaiian theme. This is a really fun and classic one to include in your celebration. You can get props and loads of party games online, think limbo, tiki torches and cocktails!

Why not add some Buff Butlers too?

Classy Hen Party Themes

1. Vintage

A timeless hen-do theme that everyone knows and loves is Vintage. The dresses and accessories are always a great look, even today which makes it a perfect idea for your party. And it is easy to get hold of some outfits for a hen party, you could even go thrifting for some unique pieces!

Try our Afternoon Tea package.

2. The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is known for its glitz and its glamour and flapper girls. If you and your hens are fans of the 20s then it would be great to dress up in this famous era with amazing outfits and roaring tunes.

3. Masquerade

Instantly sexy and glamorous, this is such a fun classy theme! You can even make your own mask and outfit!

Quick idea – Get some masks of the groom!

4. Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is known for her white dress and tight curls and if your bride-to-be is a fan of the era and a lover of all things vintage then this theme would be great! The makeup is simple and the costume is easy to get hold of, guests could even dress as different versions of Marilyn.

5. Black Tie

Why not get dressed up to the nines and hit the town for an unforgettable weekend? We don’t always get many chances to dress up fancy and this could be the best excuse to wear the dress you’ve been dreaming of!

Hen Party Theme Do’s & Don’ts

DO: Be Creative

When it comes to fancy dress, always think outside the box. Make sure you take everyone’s ideas into consi­dera­tion and try to choose a theme that everyone feels comfortable wearing.

DO: Commit

If you’re dressing up as part of a group, make sure everyone commits to their role. No one wants to stick out like a sore thumb!

DO: Use Charity shops (Upcycle)

If you’re dressing up on a budget, then look no further than your local charity shop. You may not think it’s the most glamorous idea but charity shops can be very useful. They can surprise you with many hidden gems that may be the answer to creating your perfect outfit.

DON’T: Offend Others

It may sound obvious to everyone when it comes to choosing a theme but make sure you think about it properly before making a final decision.

DON’T: Leave it Last Minute

Poor planning can often leave you with a terrible costume. Although sometimes you can simply just be too busy, bad planning can come at a price. Thinking of a theme in advance allows everyone to come up with original ideas and can be a memorable experience for all!

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