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Buff Butlers Newcastle

4 Mar 2014

The secret to making your party fun and entertaining is to think outside the box. Nobody goes to a party to experience the same boring conversations and small talk. We all go to parties to unwind and let off steam after a long, busy week. Without brilliant entertainment, a party is definitely not a party… Especially when it is a hen night or bachelorette party in Newcastle! What’s the solution? Get yourself a cheeky butler from Buff Butlers Newcastle!

Make it fun!

There are many ways to make your party fun, such as setting a costume theme or handing out accessories for guests to wear. However, the most fun and entertaining of them all is to hire a toned, hunky butler from Buff Butlers Newcastle! They will arrive to your party wearing very little, and guests will love getting photos with the hunky butlers!


Buff Butler Newcastle


butlers with buff uk


Buff Butlers Newcastle

There isn’t a more cheeky way to spice your party up for your invitees. These buff butlers are not only a feast for the eyes, but they also engage guests in various activities and games, and will happily socialise. The hunky butlers will serve food, appetisers and drinks too, meaning you can relax while your party guests are being entertained and catered for.

Apart from serving food and drinks, the butlers also host hilarious games, daring activities and more, as well as their witty conversation. Everything they do, they do with passion and a very cheeky smile. They are extremely professional, energetic and, most importantly, want to satisfy every single guest with their entertainment. Rather than inviting a pair of butlers from Buff Butlers Newcastle, why not hire a group of them? The more the merrier!

Call Buff Butlers Newcastle today for a free quote, or to book your butlers for an event. Our butlers are waiting to hear from you!


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