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Buff Butlers Leeds

24 Mar 2014

It’s the last night of your friend’s single life before she is married. You have been given the epic task of ensuring it is packed with fun and entertainment, so that it turns out to be a truly memorable event. Often, this can prove to be a real headache. How should you entertain the guests at a hen party and make sure that they’re all happy? First of all relax, unwind and don’t panic. Then, hire one of our hunky butlers from Buff Butlers Leeds to wait on your guests and the bride-to-be all night!

Hiring butlers takes all the stress away from planning the party. They do all of the hard work for you, so that you can enjoy the party too. No more hosting stresses – just hire the butlers and sit back and relax!


Butlers posing in a lounge area


Buff Butlers in Leeds is Known for their Quality Services


Buff Butler Leeds

In this day and age, we all lead very busy lives. We really don’t have the time to think about, plan or organise the hen party of the century. So, let our sexy butlers at Buff Butlers Leeds take all that stress away from you. Whether you hire them as a group, or as a pair, 100% entertainment is assured.

From the start of your event until the end of the night, you won’t have to be worried about taking care of your guests for a single second. These young hunks are enthusiastic and passionate about their job, as well as very professional. They always make you and your guests feel comfortable and relaxed. Along with the entertaining, they will also be happy to take photos with your guests, serve food, drinks and appetisers, and even host hilarious games to get everyone involved! They’re very charismatic and will get everyone laughing.

Immense fun, energy and humour. Hire one of our butlers from Buff Butler Leeds today.

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