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Cheeky Butlers Nottingham

22 Apr 2014

What is the best way to get rid of all the stresses of your working week? How would you like to end your weekend on a positive note with our Cheeky Butlers Nottingham? What is that thing that helps us unwind, relax and forget the stresses of the week? A party, of course! After a long week at work, we all search for refreshment. Parties let us unwind… But there is a catch. The party will only be refreshing if there are enough elements of fun and entertainment, or else it will turn out to be another boring day of the week. So, what is the best way to inject some fun and excitement into an event?

Burst into laughter at the party with cheeky butlers


Woman reaching round a butler grabbing his bum on a boat


Increase the fun of your party in Nottingham with Cheeky Butlers


Hire a butler from cheeky Butlers Nottingham!

Now, entertainment is definitely the responsibility of the person who is going to arrange and organise the party. It is a bit intimidating for anybody. If you’re not sure where to start with entertainment, don’t panic! Just leave it to us… The professionals: Butlers with Bums. Having some of our buff butlers from cheeky Butlers Nottingham arrive at your party wearing very little, you can expect a blast of fun and enjoyment and the guarantee that your party guests will have a very memorable time! Our butlers are very professional, charismatic and very cheeky!

The fun and enjoyment will double when you participate in all that these hunky males do. They will make sure that everybody at the party participates in the fun tasks and games, and will even serve food and drinks. They are always cooperating and smiling, and will be happy to take photos with your guests too. In Nottingham, Butlers with Bums are considered the ideal solution when it comes to entertainment for any event, function or party.

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