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Cocktail Classes for Your Hen Party

22 Apr 2014

It is not always possible to come up with new ideas every time you plan to throw a party. A party is as fun, exciting, imaginative and innovative as its host! Many party guests will agree that they attend parties with the hope of socialising with friends and exploring something new each time. So, have you been given the responsibility to arrange a hen party for your friend? Worried? Do not fear! Here is an idea that can make every guest of yours delighted. You must have heard about our cocktail classes? Why not try this at your party? Book cocktail classes for your hen party today!

Arrange cocktail classes for your hen party!


Cocktail Classes for Hen Party


Make your party more interesting with Cocktail classes


This idea is far more interesting and innovative. At least, it is way much better than impressing your guests with regular and boring drinks in plastic cups! As well as having lots of fun (and getting to try amazing drinks), your guests will learn about the skilful process of cocktail-making, which is, in fact, very complex and exciting!

Here is a brief round-up of the process of making the delicious cocktail:

It’s not about mixing everything all at the same time. The order of mixing up the ingredients matters as it changes the taste of the drink. Our hunky butlers will show you the perfect way to shake up your drinks.

Then, to improve the flavour further, glasses need to be chilled. You must have noticed the bartenders serving up cocktails in ice-cold glasses, right? The more the glass is chilled, the tastier the cocktail is!

Finally, shake the mixture properly. The proper shaking technique will help to bring out the real taste of the mixture. Our butlers will share all of their cocktail-making secrets with you.

We all love going out to bars for cocktails, so cocktail classes for your hen party are an absolutely perfect idea. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call to book! Anybody who drinks cocktails knows that it is more than just mixing up things. It’s an art. Preparing cocktails to perfection is a work of an expert, which our butlers will share with you.

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