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Fab Hen Party Must Haves

19 Apr 2017

At Butlers with Bums, we love getting kitted up for a good night out! Being based in Brighton, with the best nightlife in the South, we know how to party. Therefore, we have created a list for the ultimate party must-haves that are essential for your boozy hen party!

Boxer shorts photo shoot

Wine Handbag

This already sounds like a great invention, doesn’t it? This is the perfect party trick! Whether you’re going out for a meal or at the greyhound centre, you can disguise your wine with a handbag. No need to pay extortionate prices for wine, as now you take along the drink with you!

Booze Tubes

This ingenious invention lets you smuggle your alcohol into venues and cleverly disguises it as tampons! This is perfect when you need something smaller to put in your clutch bag as you come into the club.

Mini Bluetooth Speaker

It wouldn’t be a party if there wasn’t music. A mini Bluetooth speaker is the perfect technology to take with you when you are going away for a Hen Party! You can put it in your handbag, it has a long battery life and it plays quality music. Connect it up to any phone or tablet and start that party!

Hip Flask

An obvious choice to bring to your weekend is a hip flask! Store your favourite spirit in here to take to your hen party pre-drinks, before you go out and hit the vibrant nightlife Brighton has to offer.


Glitter Champagne Bottles

Add edible gold glitter to your champagne bottles to really glam up your hen party. These champagne bottles look so chic and snazzy, and will be even more classy to sip!

Photo Booth Props

Take some great hen party photos using quirky props at your pre-drinks. You can get these relatively cheap from eBay and, using a disposable camera or a Polaroid, you can get some great photos of your hen do!

Instagram Selfie Frame

You can personalise your own Instagram selfie frame, and use it for some cute pics at your hen do. This really is the perfect prop for your pre-drinks to help you capture the best moments!

The Hangover Kit

Thinking about the next morning is as important as planning the hen night. The likelihood is you and your hen party will be pretty hungover. So, make your own hangover kit! Include a bottle of water and headache tablets!


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