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Getting In Shape Before The Big Day

17 Jul 2015

Fitting Into Your Dress

Getting in shape before the big day shouldn’t be a task and a half. Even if you’re not into losing weight, you need to make sure that the dress, sculpted perfectly for you still fits when you walk down the aisle. With this workout plan, you and your bridesmaids can make sure that they and you look stunning. It’s always great to have a good support team to cheer you on as you try to shed those pounds.

Choosing a wedding dress

Here are some exercise moves you could add to your daily workouts:

Side Arm Push Ups

Lay on your side on a yoga mat with your feet and legs stretched straight. With your right palm placed on the mat directly in front of your chest, and your left hand on your waist, slowly raise your body up. This side push up will work on your core and reduce arm fat.


The traditional plank in itself is quite the challenge but there is another alternative called the dolphin plank which works on your abs, butt, back, shoulders and arms. Facing down on the mat, place your arms perpendicular to the surface and raise your abdomen. Hold for 60 seconds. As you get better at it, you’ll notice that you can hold the position for longer and will see the dramatic difference in your belly area.


Squats are a great way of losing fat in the problem area. Not only will your bum be absolutely tightened, it’ll be shapely. You might just be giving the Butlers with Bums a run for their money.

Make It A Lifestyle Change

The best way to get rid of fat for good is to simply not think of it as a diet but rather a lifestyle change. We all know that giving up chocolate isn’t easy but if you want the fat to be banished from your life forever, this is the way to do it. Don’t consider it to be a temporary phase because it’ll make it easier for you to lapse into old habits.

Eat Healthily

Remember that being on a diet doesn’t mean starving yourself. Eat plenty of foods that are good for your body and soul, and see yourself getting healthier.

Buy Some Running Shoes

Sometimes, the equation is as simple as cardio. Run your heart out and you will feel the difference. Not only will it get your blood circulating, it will burn the excess fat and make you much more energetic.

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