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Halloween Hen Party

27 Oct 2016
Butler stood with woman in a Halloween costume
Butlers With Bums at Halloween Hen Parties.

With Halloween only around the corner and your hen party in October, why not combine the two? Fancy dress, fun make-up and freaky locations means that a hen party in October will be spooktacular! This scary girls night out will be as spooky as it is stylish! So, here are some chilling ideas for a horror-filled hen party that will make your hairs stand on end!


Firstly, planning a Halloween Hen Party will be a as fun and creative as it is terrortastic! There is a lot to organise, such as the costumes and food. Some spooky bites to eat which are a must at your Halloween hen party include voodoo doll cookies and zombie cupcakes. Also, we can’t forget the notorious wedding cake with, of course, a dead bride and groom as the cake toppers!



Halloween cocktails are also a necessity as they are delicious to serve at a hen party. You can find spooky, creative ways to serve them. You could turn the summer margarita into a ghouling morgue-a-rita by dipping the glasses in green food colouring to create a haunting effect. You could also add serve these drinks in a creepy skeleton glass to add that extra spook factor. Another bewitching beverage you can serve up is the chic cosmopolitan with a twist! The spook-a-politan is a blood-thirsty cocktail that can be decorated with cobwebs and spiders.  



Next, plan the outfit! Obviously, you want to go stylish and sophisticated as it is a hen party. But, dressing up as a dead bride and bridesmaids is pretty appealing! Halloween dress ups don’t need to be all gruesome and gory though – you could dress up as a classic sexy cat. Whatever you dress up as, whether it is a theme, such as characters from Suicide Squad, or recreating Corpse Bride, it will definitely be a memorable Halloween hen party.

Make Up

If you don’t want to go too crazy on the costume, you could create some hot makeup looks. Make-up is the essence of both Halloween and hen parties, and it can be used to make your look absolutely flawless or turn you into a zombie! Why not be a sexy witch, with a tight black dress and a simple black cobweb over your eye? Or why not turn into a vampire? Thick black eyeliner, red lipstick and a red cape can turn you into blood-thirsty Dracula!

Butlers stood with a cutout of someone in black
Halloween Hen Parties from Butlers with Bums

Your Halloween hen party won’t be complete without a spooktacular location! You could pick an old eerie cottage to watch your favourite horror movie before you hit the town! Nothing is better than being all dressed up with your best friends, singing and dancing the night away! Also, as it is Halloween, you don’t have to worry about your makeup running down your face, it can just be part of your Halloween look!

Halloween hen parties are quirky girls’ nights out that makes the most of the two celebrations. It really will be an unforgettable night!

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