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Butlers with Bums Top 5 Halloween Costumes

31 Oct 2019

Well ladies and gents it’s almost time to start thinking about the C word! 

Firstly though we’ve got Bonfire night and Halloween! Whose a Halloween fan? Here at Butlers with Bums HQ we love Halloween and throw the best Halloween parties around! 

What could be better than a Zombie Buff Butler…? Of course hundreds of Zombie Buff Butlers in one place! 

Our butlers love to work at Halloween parties. They love hosting the ghoulish games and serving ghastly cocktails!

Deciding what to wear can be no mean task, especially when you have gone as a black cat for the last 4 years and fancy a change. 

Here’s our top 5 Halloween costumes for guys and girls! 

  • Zombie Nurse/ Doctor – this one is easy to do and very effective! Doctors and nurses outfits are readily available from most fancy dress shops and can be slashed with scissors or a knife to  add a few rips. To top it off all you need is a bit of fake blood and some cuts and scratches on your face! Sorted 
  • Mummy – Not much preparation needed in advance but you will need more than 5 minutes to get ready. You will need a large white sheet cut into strips or lots and lots of loo roll. Always helpful to have someone else on hand to assist with getting dressed for this one and remember to take into consideration that you may need to pop to the loo so make the outfit toilet friendly! 
  • Ghost – Probably the easiest of them all to do, all you need is a white sheet, some white jeans and a black marker pen or sharpie. If you want to make yourself into a sexy ghost you can cinch the waist in, with a white or silver belt and add some killer heels. 
  • Social Butterfly – Like the USA, halloween costumes don’t always have to be scary, why not decorate a plain t-shirt with social media app logos of your choice, add some wings, antennae and face paint. Perfect for those who love to post on social media like us!
  • Clown – A classic to scare everyone at the party. It’s easy to find a cheap clown costume online, splash it with some fake blood to halloween it up, then all you need is some face paints and you’re done. 

We hope our top 5 have given you some ideas and inspiration. Post your photos on Instagram and tag us if you use any of our ideas @butlerswithbumsofficial


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