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Have You Explored this Unique Way of Entertaining Before?

6 Jan 2014

Ever thought about throwing the party of the year? Have you considered this unique and entertaining way of tantalising your party guests? Give your guests a truly memorable event. Many party hosts worry about entertaining their guests and making the party unique and exciting. Simple… Just hand over all that responsibility to our cheeky buff butlers! Want to know how they’ll make your party one to remember? Just read on!


Have You Explored this Unique Entertaining way Before?


Butlers with Bums became famous several years ago across the UK and are now very popular in many other countries too. You can hire these stunning, hunky guys for an event and they will do the rest.

What makes them unique?

They are all professional and know how to deal with all types of people. They’ll break the ice, introduce themselves and really get the conversation going!

What makes them stand out from all others? They have a brilliant sense of humour, intellect, charisma and enthusiasm. Of course, it goes without saying that their revealing attire attracts the attention of the guests. In just a white collar and cuffs, a smart bow tie and their trademark Butlers with Bums apron (which is very revealing indeed), these guys know how to make an entrance, and will WOW your guests!

Constantly entertaining

Our Butlers can serve food and drinks to the guests (they’ll even mix up a few cocktails) and will get involved in various funny activities or party games, which will lighten up the mood within the blink of an eye. They are sporty enough to pose for a photo with the guests. Women go crazy to have a few clicks with these boys because it is not often they get such an opportunity. Butlers with Bums will rock your party and create the immense fun every party needs!

Contact Butlers with Bums today to hire a buff butler! Your party will be one to remember, and you’ll definitely be the “hostess with the mostess”!


Butler having his photo taken with two women whilst on a boat




How can Butlers with Bums make my party unforgettable?

Butlers with Bums add a unique and entertaining touch to any event. With their charming personalities, sense of humour, and revealing attire, they’ll serve drinks, engage guests in conversation, and even participate in party games, ensuring a lively and memorable atmosphere.

What sets Butlers with Bums apart from other entertainment options?

Unlike traditional entertainers, Butlers with Bums offer a combination of professionalism, charisma, and cheeky charm. Their ability to interact with guests and create a fun-filled atmosphere makes them stand out as the life of the party.

What services do Butlers with Bums provide?

Butlers with Bums are skilled at serving food and drinks, mixing cocktails, and participating in various activities or party games to keep guests entertained. They’re also available for photo opportunities, adding an extra element of excitement to the event.

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