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Hen-Do Party Game Ideas

13 Jul 2023

A hen party is a special occasion, it’s a time for laughter, joy, and creating lasting memories with friends. One surefire way to get the festivities going is by incorporating entertaining and engaging party games. In this blog post, we will explore some exciting party games that are bound to make your event unforgettable.

The Wedding Dress Challenge

For a game that will have everyone in stitches, divide the party into teams and provide each team with rolls of toilet paper. The challenge is for each team to design and create a wedding dress using only toilet paper within a specified time frame. The results are hilarious, as the teams get creative with their designs, leading to laughter-filled fashion shows.

How Well Do You Know the Bride? 

Test the guests’ knowledge of the bride-to-be with a trivia game. Prepare a list of questions about the bride, covering topics such as her favourite hobbies, childhood memories, and quirks. Have the guests write down their answers and compare them to the bride’s actual responses. This game not only creates a fun atmosphere but also helps everyone learn more about the bride.

Pin The Junk On The Hunk

Taken from the children’s game ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’ this family favourite has been adapted for the adult mind! You think you know the male anatomy? How well do you know it blindfolded? The person that manages to stick the willy in the most appropriate place to where it should be – wins!

Pass The Cucumber

Split your hens into two groups. The first team to pass the cucumber in one piece without dropping it to the end of the line using only their legs wins! If you drop the cucumber you have to pass it back to the start, no cheating!

Pop The Balloon

You’ll need a hunky helper for this one! Can you put your bedroom moves to the test with your Butler to pop the balloon the fastest? Split your hens into two teams, everyone gets a balloon, then try out your moves with your butler to pop it. The winning team is the one to pop the most balloons!

Prosecco Pong

How’s your aim? Can you throw the ball into the cup to get the opposition drunk? Split your group into 2 teams, each side has a go at getting the ball across the table into the cups, if it lands in your cup you have to drink it! The winning team is the one with the most glasses left at the end!

Remember, the key to a successful hen do party is to choose games that align with the bride’s preferences, the group’s dynamics, and the overall atmosphere desired. Mix and match these game suggestions to create an unforgettable experience filled with laughter, bonding, and joyful memories.

For more ideas, check out our hen party games page or book a buff butler to get the party started!

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