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Hen Party Planning 101

19 Aug 2014

A large group of women wearing black dresses and pink bunny ears

So your best friend is about to get married and you want to give her a fun-filled and exciting hen party with all her favourite ladies. How can you make this happen? Well, it’s your lucky day! This article has been written especially for you. Just follow these simple ‘hen party planning 101’ steps to get the party started.

Think of the perfect party theme

Be sure to keep party naughty and exciting, so that the last moments of the bride-to-be as a single lady will be memorable. Some good theme ideas include a pool-side bikini party, or a night out in the club followed by a slumber party in the hotel.

List the most exhilarating party games

Not all games are for kids. There are loads of daring party games that bring out the naughtiest side of even the most innocent of ladies. Why not invite cheeky butlers to the party? These hunky men will not just serve your cocktails; they will also entertain and play games with the ladies.

Create a mouth-watering menu

One of the most important factors at any party is the menu. Choose the most exciting cocktails as well as the most tempting food, to ensure that all the ladies are in the right mood to enjoy the rest of the night. Consider incorporating some of the party food into the naughty games to make them even more exciting… Chocolate sauce, anyone?

Finalise the venue for the hen party

You will have to determine whether you want to hold the big night at the bride-to-be’s house, in a hotel, maybe a private room in a nightclub, a yacht, or somewhere else. Make sure that the venue is accessible for all guests because they are more important than anything else. Our hunky butlers will happily attend most venue types.

Schedule the date with the girls

Call all of the friends of the bride-to-be and tell them about your plans. If it is a surprise, tell them not to tell the bride-to-be anything about the hen night. Ask if they are available on a specific date and finalise the schedule. Don’t forget to tell them about the theme and the time they should arrive! Everyone should be present before the bride-to-be arrives.

Hen party planning 101

These ‘hen party planning 101’ steps are very quick and easy. Write down your theme, party games, menu, music background and venue ideas. Now call Butlers with Bums to hire some hunky butlers, who will guarantee a night you will never forget!

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