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Introducing Your Butlers with Bums: At Your Service…

3 Feb 2016

When it comes to celebrating your last night of freedom, there is always an excuse to add that little bit of cheekiness to your hen party. Although we understand it’s a “girls only” policy, there is definitely an exception to the rule where Butlers with Bums are concerned. When the butlers are added to the equation, the fun factor is turned up an entire notch. Your hen party will be totally unforgettable! So, introducing your Butlers with Bums…

Introducing Your Butlers with Bums

Our Butlers with Bums are not just a bunch of handsome chaps with perfect bottoms and a cheeky smile. These guys are entertainment at its finest! Semi-naked hunks, wearing nothing but bow-ties and aprons. What more could the hen possibly wish for?

Whether you’re chief bridesmaid or the hen herself, here are some starter ideas to introduce you to our butlers.

Home Helpers

There’s no need to jet off abroad for your hen party. Make it more exciting by having our team of Butlers with Bums at your service in your own home. Let them greet your guests with a glass of fizz, serve up dinner or canapés, and fill up your glasses throughout the night. What could be better? Our butlers even carry out some of the chores you ladies don’t want to be doing, like the washing up! Everyone loves being waited on hand and foot by a hunk, right?

Personalised Events

Add a sexy twist to cocktail making lessons, life drawing classes and cheeky hen games by having your super-hot butler play host. Heat up the party by having your semi-naked guest teach the group how to whizz up a Sex on the Beach cocktail. Alternatively, they can strike a pose and offer a life drawing session. Just watch your blushing buddies giggle! Butlers also come armed with their own fun-filled games! So, if you’re feeling a little uninspired for ways to get your party started, you can count on them to provide priceless laughs!

Capture the Moment

Butler taking a selfie with a group of women

It’s not every day you get the pleasure of spending time with your favourite friends alongside a ridiculously attractive male. Capture the moments you will treasure forever by making the most of the tailor-made buff butler service. These men can do anything! Handle large groups of unruly ladies, organise group photos, and more! Butlers with Bums also adds some pizzazz to your pics by letting you pose with them. Guests won’t just be wowed by our butlers’ gorgeous bodies. They’ll be seriously impressed by their charismatic, professional and helpful service. Which means guaranteed satisfaction for guests of any age.

Want to Know More?

Want to see a 60-second insight into their sparkling personalities and flourishing careers with Butlers with Bums? Find out their hilarious nicknames, perks of the jobs, and just how they keep those buff bodies in such amazing shape!

We’ve filmed a little clip to let you get to know one of them.

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