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Is it Okay To Plan Your Own Hen Party?

1 Jan 2023

While it has long been customary for the maid of honour to plan the hen party or pre-wedding festivities, many of us girls are control freaks who like to be in charge and find it difficult to delegate duties.

While some of us may find the idea of letting someone else run the show unappealing, many of us do not want to be surprised or disappointed on such an important day!

This begs the question: is it acceptable to deviate from the long-standing tradition by planning your own hen party?

Of course!

Nothing compares to doing things your way, on your own – no matter how much you love and trust your maid of honour and bridesmaids!

However, if you need a little more convincing as to why you should plan your own hen party, or if you need to persuade those in your bride tribe to let you remain in control, here are four great reasons:

1.     You Know your Friends Better than Anyone Else

Although your hen party should be all about you, if there’s no fun being had by your friends, then you won’t be able to enjoy it. Therefore, by planning your own celebrations, you will be able to ensure everyone has a great time. Because you know your friends better than anyone else, you know what activities they will enjoy, what they will be comfortable with, who will get along with who, and who will bring the drama or the positive energy. This means that there will be no drama or awkwardness, and everyone can relax and have a great time while celebrating your special night! 

2.     There Will Be No Awkward Surprises

Some of us love surprises, but many of us don’t! Therefore, your special day shouldn’t be ruined by something unexpected, such as a stripper showing up at your door! Planning your own hen party gives you total control and lets you know exactly what will happen, so there will be no awkward or awful surprises!

3. You Can Have Complete Control Over the Guest List

When someone else is in charge of organising your hen party, things can get complicated when it comes to the guest list. For example, there may be someone important in your life who your maid of honour or bridesmaids are unaware of and leave out, such as co-workers who you have formed on a bond with or a childhood friend that you haven’t spoken to in a few years. On the other hand, they may end up inviting someone you don’t want there, such as that one friend you despise or a mother-in-law who will just make things awkward! The advantage of planning your own hen party is that you are in control, and you can decide exactly who you want to attend, so there will be no awkwardness, and no one will be left out or forgotten!

4.     You Can Do Exactly What You Want

Your hen party is kind of a big deal! It’s your last night of freedom before entering married life, and it’s a chance to celebrate with your best friends after finally finding the one. It is a monumental and exciting occasion in your life, and you only get one shot at it. As a result, you want it to be perfect. By organising your own hen party, you can celebrate this one special day exactly how you want and avoid having to do what others think you should do. You’ll have a much better time since you’ll be doing something you enjoy, and you won’t be sorry in years to come.

Organising your own hen party does not mean it will be any less fun! By having more control over it, you can make it more tailored to your preferences and needs!

So, will you be breaking tradition and taking back control by planning your own hen party?

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