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It’s Official – American Women Want more Naked Men than British Women….But Brits want them a lot more than Canadians and Aussies!

10 Jan 2020

Searching For Naked Men

The boffins at Butlers with Bums Head Quarters have been digging around into years of Google search data and have found some rather interesting facts about women in English speaking countries. They have been able to analyse search data over the last 4 years to find out the countries where women are looking for naked men at their parties.

The search terms in this study included things like “butler in the buff”, “male stripper”, hen party stripper” and “naked waiter”. It is important to be clear we are not talking about personal searches where women may be looking for a certain type of chap. These searches are where people are looking for naked men for parties and hen dos and there is a considerable difference between countries! While it is fair to suggest a good percentage of the searches will have been done by women it is obvious some guys will be looking too.

The Data

The data itself was gathered from Google search volume records. The total volume was divided by the total population to give a search per person figure. If you would like a copy of the data then get in touch and we are sure our crack team of nerdy naked butlers will be happy to share it.

Prudish Brits?

Us Brits may have a bit of a reputation for being prudes but this research certainly doesn’t support that when it comes to British women. In fact the data actually puts the British half way down the list and not right at the bottom which a lot of people in other countries might assume.

Who is Looking for the more Naked Men?

It turns out that the Americans are searching for a lot more naked men than other English speaking countries! The US comes in at double the number of searches per person across the country than the UK so it is fair to say American women certainly seem to enjoy male strippers and buff butlers more than us Brits!

New Zealand!

Who would have thought it? New Zealanders are right up there with the Americans when it comes to seeking out buff men for their enjoyment. Coming in just below their US counterparts but well above the UK!

So Who are the Real Prudes?

Well it seems the Canadians are really not keen on searching for naked men at all they are 900% less likely to search for any of the terms used in this study. Maybe it’s just too cold there for anyone to want to even watch someone with no clothes on! Maybe the cold has an effect on men that means males strippers are less…well, impressive!?

Australians…not so bold anymore!

It is no secret that the Aussies like to mock us winging poms and they certainly like to tell us we are prudes and need to chill out. So it is very interesting to see that they sit almost on a level with the very shy Canadians when it comes to searching for male strippers and buff butlers. Who would have thought it?  The cold certainly doesn’t play a part; perhaps there are simply so many half naked men walking around on the beach that Aussie women just aren’t bothered?

Naked men searches - data


A Less Fun Story Hidden in the Data

While this kind of data is a lot of fun could it be showing us something more serious. Could the willingness and popularity of services where women are in control and having a ball enjoying some hunky guys be down to gender issues? Could women in the US feel more liberated and confident to indulge in this kind of activity whereas perhaps in Australia and Canada women are shy or reluctant to take part because they feel less free to do so? While there is no data here to show that there could be a wide range of reasons behind the clear difference in tastes.

Journalists and Newspapers

If you would like more information on this story please get in touch. Please also refer to this post as the original data source where applicable. 


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