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Life Drawing Model to Indecent Proposal

26 Aug 2016

Butler posing naked for women to draw him

Being a naked butler is a job unlike any other. Pouring cocktails, wearing little more than a bow tie, posing nude for hen party life drawing classes… all standard fare for our guys.

The life of a Brighton male stripper performing life drawing duties isn’t without its risks. This recent article in The Sun, featuring our butler Floris, highlighted just a few of them. How many other jobs can you think of where you get bitten regularly, or where the bride-to-be’s friends are encouraging you to sleep with her at her hen party?!

Butlers with Bums are always professionals, whether they’re posing as a life drawing model, or having to tuck a hen safely into bed after she has partied a little too hard. When you look as good as these guys do, it’s not surprising they don’t go a week without getting an indecent proposal!

What’s the Secret?

The job of a naked butler isn’t only mixing drinks and flexing muscles. The best male strippers have the skills to keep it sexy without being sleazy. They’re great at creating an atmosphere which is fun, and always leave their customers wanting more!

The secret? Loving their job.

You can read more about the life of a male stripper here.

Remember that booking your own naked butler is just a click away when you contact our friendly booking team.

Whether you’re planning a Hen party in Brighton, a memorable milestone birthday party, or you simply want to unleash your artistic side with the help of a male life drawing model, Butlers with Bums have it covered.




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