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London Hen Party Ideas 2018

4 May 2018

A London hen party is bound to be one of the best. London is a huge space, jam-packed with fun and exciting things to do and incredible places to explore. The roads are winding and there is so much hidden around every corner. This can make it difficult when it comes to deciding what to do on a night out. Let alone on something as big a celebration as a hen party!

The good thing is that, regardless of who you are as a person or how you envision your hen party to be, there will always be something for you. Here are just a few options for your upcoming London hen party!

The Dreamboys

This is more like the classic hen party – a strip show. Every Saturday, the Dreamboys perform and shake their assets for an adoring public. They are arguably the most famous male stripping act that the UK has ever had, so why not gather the girls and enjoy some old-fashioned fun?

London Hen Party male strippers
5 Strippers

Walking Tour

Much like the bus tours, London has a lot of walking opportunities too. You can take history tours that will walk you through something historically significant like the Great Fire of London. Alongside this, there are Ripper tours, that follow the carnage that London’s most revered serial killer, Jack the Ripper, left behind. There are even Harry Potter tours, that show you around the places of significance in the books and the movies to truly immerse yourself in this enchanting wizarding world.

The Piano Works

If you’re in or around Farrington, why not make The Piano Works your hen party location? Dance the night away with live music and enjoy the fantastic brunch of kings they have on offer.

London Hen Party The Pianoworks

I Make Knots Event

Fancy something a little unusual? An ‘I Make Knots’ event might just be for you! Enjoy a low-key party with an unlimited supply of tea and cakes. You even get goodie bags to take home, which will act as a constant reminder of this adorable, knitted experience.

The Big London Bake

If you are a fan of The Great British Bake Off, this might be the party for you. This is perfect for big groups. Here you will be pitted against other teams for the grand prize of being crowned star baker. Before you go, make sure to get yourself a team outfit and some chef hats.

London Hen Party London British Bake Off
Woman baking a cake


Pitch Black

Now, this is an unusual one. For this lush London hen do, you’ll be experiencing dining in the dark. Experience the goodness of four different drinks and a lavish menu with a whole host of new flavours in pitch black.

Aftermath the Game

For the mystery lover, Aftermath the Game has you putting on your detective hats and attempting to solve the most intriguing of mysteries. Can you be the one to solve a grisly murder? This is definitely a unique experience and whilst it makes for an unusual hen party, it could also make a brilliantly interesting day out.

London Hen Party Escape Rooms
A group looking puzzled in an escape room

Wonderland Ceramics

A literature lover’s dream would be to paint herself into the world of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, and at Wonderland Ceramics, the bride can do just that. This hen party will have the bride and bridesmaids crafting and creating their own ceramics from clay, and at the end of this party you’ll have something handmade to keep as a memento.

Bus Tours

London has a ton of bus tours to choose from. There is a simple ‘see the sights of London’ tour that will take you around on an open-top bus, allowing you to take in the Houses of Parliament to Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace. For the horror fans, there is a Ghost Bus Tour. This is a brilliant and comedic way to learn more about London’s spooky past.

London Hen Party London Buses
London bus in front of big ben


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