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Mother’s Day 2018

3 Mar 2018

Mothers Day falls on Sunday the 11th March this year and marks the celebration of mothers around the country. Many daughters and sons usually celebrate with the giving of gifts, chocolates and flowers. Whilst others show their appreciation by taking their mums on spa trips or out for dinner.

Mothers Day

The History

If you didn’t already know Mothers Day actually originates from Christianity and it takes place on the fourth Sunday of Lent every year. It is originally called Mothering Sunday and used to involve children getting a day off to visit their families. The holiday is mainly aimed at daughters, who used to work as servants. This is of course when children starting to work at 10 years old.

On this day, Christians were expected to return to a large mother church instead of going to their local daughter churches. The church suggested that this day would happen in the middle of Lent, which is why Mother’s Day falls on the fourth Sunday after Lent each year. During this day, children would often pick flowers and give them to their mothers.

Some Historians though believed that mother’s day is rooted from the bible. Therefore, a passage from the holy book is usually read and refers to different kinds of motherhood. It reads ‘The Jerusalem which is above is free, which is mother of us all.’

Overall, Mothers Day has always been about giving, and despite the fact that it takes place in the middle of lent, it is also a time of overindulgence. It is also known as Refreshment Sunday as the church allows people to relax the rules of Lent.

Mothers Day Flowers

Gift Ideas


Make your mum feel appreciated by making her breakfast in the morning. You can surprise her with an extravagant buffet full of patisseries, a fruit platter, cooked eggs, a trio of preserves and even a luxury chocolate selection box. Not forgetting, of course, the bottle of Bucks Fizz! This is the perfect way to start your mum’s special day.

Prosecco and Chocolates

Classics can never be faulted, and we all know mums really want their celebrations filled with fizz and chocolates. A good bottle of prosecco or even champagne with her favourite box of chocolates will never disappoint and is sure to put a smile on your mum’s face.

Wrapped Gift Box

Sweet Bella Gifts create beautiful gift boxes, perfect for Mothers Day. The gift boxes are filled with handpicked independent goodies from luxurious chocolates with pampering bath salts, plus many more. The boxes can be customised for that special touch and they are the ideal way to show your appreciation on Mother’s Day.

Sweet Bella Gifts

Bake Your Mum A Cake

If your mum is a bit of a ‘cakeaholic,’ then baking her a cake will be the ideal mother’s day gift! You can try out a new recipe and utterly surprise her with a beautiful colourful cake just for your mum. She will also really appreciate the time spent into creating her cake, and will certainly enjoy indulging in it.

Make Something Crafty

If you have some time on your hands, you can get crafty with either making her a card or creating a beautiful hamper. Personalised gifts are always the best and by making something for your mum, you can really make her feel special.

Buff Butler

The best way to surprise your mum is with a good looking gentleman wearing nothing more than an apron. One of our gorgeous buff butlers will be on call for your mother by bringing her drinks and nibbles, make her laugh with his witty sense of humour and keep her smiling with his charm.

Day Ideas

Spa Day

If relaxation is just what your mum needs, then either a spa weekend or a spa day will allow your mum to feel pampered and luxuriate herself in an unwinding treatment. You can treat her to a day filled with massages, facials and beauty treatments. A spa day really is the perfect way to have that precious mother and daughter time.

Mum and Daughter Spa

Gin Tour

If your mum is a gin lover, then a tour of the Bombay Sapphire Distillery is sure to please. With a free gin cocktail in their bar and plenty to learn about the making of the tipple, you are guaranteed to have a fantastic time. You will truly be immersed in the gin world and go behind the scenes of the making of the famous drink

Weekend Break

A hotel break will certainly surprise your mum, as well as giving her break she deserves. You can rent a cottage in the countryside, or another idea is to stay in a hotel in the capital. A weekend break will allow your mum to relax, refresh and have some quality time with her much loved daughter.


Go all out and book your mum a holiday! The weather has been freezing recently, and your mum is probably lacking some vitamin D. So take her away somewhere warm so you can soak in the sun, lay by the pool and drink as many cocktails as you please.


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