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Mothers Day with Butlers with Bums

20 Mar 2023

Mother and Daughter with flowers and gift

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. While flowers and chocolates are a traditional way to express your gratitude, why not make this Mother’s Day even more special by hiring a buff butler?

Mother’s day gifts with a twist

The benefits of having a Buff Butler are endless: they make sure your house stays clean and tidy, they take care of all your chores so that you don’t have to worry about them while spending quality time with family members or friends or simply relaxing on your own terms and they will even provide entertainment (if requested).

Your Buff Butler can serve food and drinks for a home-style afternoon tea or party, do the dishes, play games and pose for photos. Why not celebrate and relax in style with your own personal butler and treat your mum to a day of luxury?

Hen party

Butlers with Bums provides high-quality butlers to help mothers relax and enjoy their day. Our butlers are fun and quirky, and they’re great for all occasions. Having a buff butler for Mother’s Day can be a fantastic surprise for your mom. Imagine her face when she sees a handsome, muscular man walk into the room, dressed in nothing but a bow tie, cuffs and an apron. Our butlers can be dressed according to your preferences, we aim to create the perfect experience for everyone!

Prices start from just £50 so, what are you waiting for? Contact our helpful bookings team today to learn more about how our Buff Butlers can make your Mother’s Day truly unforgettable!

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