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Naked Butlers in Newcastle

7 May 2014

Partying is a fantastic way of having fun and relieving stress. What better way to lift your spirits and elevate your mood than to invite your nearest friends and family to spend some time together?

Naked butlers in Newcastle

Our very cheeky Butlers with Bums are being hired for all occasions! Whether it’s a charity event, a hen do, or someone’s special birthday, our naked butlers in Newcastle are always invited to the party! The craze for butlers is worldwide, but in particular cities of the UK including Newcastle, the craze is so huge!

Why do they love them?

Party organisers are very fond of our butlers. They take all the responsibility to make the event successful and memorable. These guys are energetic, charming, fun and all have stunning physiques! Our butlers in Newcastle are loved by all sorts of party hosts. The guys ensure that each of the party guests will receive the attention they want.

The hunky butlers will be very happy to chat with party guests and host hilarious games. They’ll even serve drinks and food, so that the party host can have a stress-free night.

You can ask our naked butlers in Newcastle to dress in a particular attire if you wish. They will be glad to do so. Moreover, informing us in advance will allow them to prepare perfectly for your event, so that they can deliver the best service. So if you haven’t yet experienced the service of these butlers, it’s time for you to hire them for your upcoming party.

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