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Let the Buff Butlers Take Care of Your Party Entertainment

13 Mar 2014

We all party to celebrate successes and enjoy life. We love making memories, taking photos, and being entertained. It helps us unwind and forget the stresses of busy life. The significance of a party increases when we have special occasions, like marriage, birthdays and anniversaries. For such exceptional moments, the party entertainment should be exceptional too. So, hire some hunky butlers to make it the best party yet!

Let us entertain you!

Aside from the food and drinks for your party, which are very important, another key aspect is the entertainment! Hiring our professional, charismatic butlers is the best choice you can make. They will arrive at your party wearing very little (usually a white collar and cuffs, bow tie, and the trademark Butlers with Bums apron), they will organise and host hilarious games, serve your guests food and drink, and provide great conversation. If you hire one of our life drawing model butlers, your guests will love drawing them! We guarantee your guests will be giggling and laughing until they have to go home!


Let the Buff Butlers Take Care of the Entertainment of Your Party


Hire buff butler to make your party in London more fun filled and entertaining


Butlers at your service!

Inviting a hunky, energetic man to the party has become a popular custom. If you hire a hunky butler, you’ll no longer have to stress about keeping your guests entertained. The butlers will let you forget the stresses and feel like a party guest yourself! They will take care of absolutely everything, from greeting your guests when they arrive to saying goodbye at the end of the night. They will make your guests feel relaxed, and will make you laugh with their brilliantly entertaining games and activities! The hunky Butlers with Bums are energetic, always smiling and able to transfer their energy to others. Apart from entertaining you and your guests, our buff butlers take care of all the chores, like serving food, appetisers, or drinks to your guests. Whatever they do, they do it with passion.

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