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Our Favourite 2018 Hen Party Games

29 Jun 2018

Are you looking for some hen party games that will make your big night something truly special? Butlers with Bums has been providing fun party experiences since 2011, so we know what games will get your event started! You can trust us to help you create a truly unforgettable experience which the bride and the guests will completely love.

We’ve rounded up the best games for your 2018 hen celebrations, from cheeky challenges with our butlers that’ll bond you and your guests and icebreakers that will you keep giggling. We have drinking games, fun challenges or unique activities that are perfect for any hen do.

hen party game of trying to find a plaster on the butler

Mr And Mrs

How to play

Some preparation is needed ahead of the party – speak to the groom and ask him to answer some questions, then at the party, ask the bride the same questions and she must work out what her groom has answered! For every question that she gets wrong, a member of the hen party gets to name a forfeit but be warned, the bride also has three nominations where she can make another member of the group do the forfeit for her!

Some suggestions for questions;

Job, friends, hobbies and you – put them in order of priority!

What would he say is your most annoying habit?

What would you say is his most annoying habit?

What would he say is his best feature?

Where did you go on your first date?

What’s his favourite part of your body?

What’s the name of his favourite celebrity crush?

What’s the most unusual place you’ve had sex?

If she could be a wild animal, what would she be?

What is her favourite sexual position?

Buff Butler Services

Make Your Own Bride

How to play

Start by splitting the party into two teams, and move to different areas of the room/house. Once you have your team you’ll need to decide who is to become the best bride! You have 10 minutes to dress the bride up and then take a photo – the winning team is the one with the best bride photo at the end of the time! Either let the bride-to-be decide or your Butler will happily help out!

What you’ll need

White tissue paper

White bin bags

Toilet paper

Scotch tape

hen party game being played by butler and hen

The Post-It Note Game

How to play

Give each participant a Post-it note and pen and pick a theme for the game (anything from famous people all the way up to a kinkier theme for the game) – then each player should their Post-it out and stick it to the forehead of one of the other players. Players should then take it in turns to try and guess who/what they are!

What you’ll need

Post-it notes


Hen party game of blindfolding bride

Stick The Trunk On The Hunk

How to play

Start by choosing a picture of a luscious person (celebs and footballers are popular choices if you want someone slightly more familiar!) and put it up on the wall (the bigger the picture, the better). Each hen is then blindfolded and given a trunk to pin on the hunk. The hen who places the trunk in the most anatomically correct place wins!

What you’ll need

Your hunk! You can buy kits from Amazon and eBay

If you’re making your own, you’ll need a suitable trunk


A suitable wall

Spin The Butler’s Bottle

How to play

Best saved until the end, everyone should sit in a circle and spin a bottle. Whoever it lands on has to take a shot, but not from the bottle or even a shot glass, but from one of our rather lovely butlers! To make it even more fun, no hands are allowed to be used when taking the shot!

What you’ll need

An empty bottle of Alcohol

Your Butler

A buff butler holding a bottle of presecco

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