17 Sep First Dates: Will it be love at first sight?

First dates are incredibly nerve-wracking and stress-inducing due to you overthinking. Did you make the right choice of clothes or is your make-up too much? What if you have nothing to talk about or who will pay? There are so many questions rushing through your mind. Now imagine that you are experiencing this all-the-while the date is being filmed for the viewing pleasure of the nation. Scary stuff right?

11 Sep Top 5 Celebrity Hen Parties

It seems like celebs really know how to have a good time! This is because when it comes to hen parties they throw the most lavish affairs. Here are five celebrity hen parties that we wish we could've been invited to: 1. Michelle Keegan The gorgeous Michelle Keegan saw off her wedding with a trip to Dubai.

6 Aug Everything You Need To Know About Ex On The Beach

At this point in time, everyone has heard of Ex On The Beach. Whether you enjoy watching it or have only seen the highlights. Or when the news feels the need to report it, you cannot deny the popularity of this reality television show. So for those who want to know more because they love the show or just want to get their head around what it actually is.

13 Jul Celebrity babies

Whether we like them or not, celebrities are everywhere in our world today. Actors, singers or reality television stars - they influence what we say, what we wear and how we view ourselves. But they are not just icons, they're people too which means they experience everything that the average person does, including families.

6 Jul The Life of A Buff Butler

Ever wanted to know what the day-to-day life of a Butler with Bums is like? We know that they are hunky and gorgeous but that is just a small part of the life of a butler. It takes far more to be good at this job than just taking off your clothes and smiling.

29 Jun Our Favourite 2018 Hen Party Games

Are you looking for some hen party games that will make your big night something truly special? Butlers with Bums has been providing fun party experiences since 2011, so we know what games will get your event started! You can trust us to help you create a truly unforgettable experience which the bride and the guests will completely love.

15 Jun Hen Party Accessories

The hen party is a staple of pre-married life! Therefore, it's a memory that will stay with the bride and her bridesmaids for years to come. So why not get your hands on some hen party accessories to help remember the time by? From classic bright pinks and glitter to small and minimalist favours that can be cherished forever.

9 Jun 7 Sensational Ideas For A Liverpool Hen Do

The Hen Party is one of the most important parts of wedding preparation. This is the time for you to gather your friends (and maybe the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom) together and just celebrate your upcoming nuptials. You want it to be big and special and reflect who you are as a person before you have a day of who you will be as a married couple.

1 Jun Classy Hen Do Ideas

When you think of a hen do, you imagine nightlife, clubs, loud music and an overflow of alcohol. But it doesn't always have to be like that. If you want something a bit more sophisticated, maybe something that the mother of the groom could enjoy too, why not try one of our classy hen do ideas? Pampering day Everyone needs a little TLC, so what better way of achieving that than a spa day? Book in massages with a fantastically talented masseur.

25 May Top hen party themes for 2018

Picking a hen party theme is important. It can affect how much fun is had at the event, but it can also reflect who the bride is as a person. A theme gives the guests a dress code, a sense of unity and can set the tone for the night. Here are just a few ideas of what we believe to be the best hen party themes of 2018.

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