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Do you Want To Spice Up Your Sex Life?

23 Mar 2016

Do you Want To Spice Up Your Sex Life?

The stress of planning a wedding can take a temporary toll on your sex life as slipping between the sheets is replaced with wedding budget spreadsheets. Boring! Give your fella a thrill with these saucy striptease tips from our sexy strippers and spice up your sex life for good!

Timing and Preparation

Choose a time when your partner isn’t distracted and when you won’t be interrupted. You want him to feel relaxed and comfortable. Whether you let him know in advance he has a surprise coming, or spring it on him out of the blue, is up to you.

Prepare the stage: soft lights, clean sheets (if you’re in the bedroom) and no clutter laying around. Get yourself ready by choosing clothing according to how sexy it is to take off. Those jeans may make your bum look amazing… but there’s nothing sexy about tugging tight jeans off. Nice underwear with a skirt and a button down shirt works well.

Choose a few sultry tunes you love and practice your routine in front of a mirror a few times before you do it in front of him. A sure fire way to spice up your sex life with minimal effort or hassle.

Put it on to take it off!

Stripper with three men watching her

Think about what your partner likes and if you are comfortable with it, give it to him. You might not normally like wearing lacy knickers and stockings but if he loves them, then be generous and put them on… They’ll soon be coming off again anyway! Be a little naughty. Tie his hands lightly with your stocking so he can look but not touch, face away from him and bend over as you remove your skirt, push the boundaries slightly so he knows this is something special.

Take Your Time

Stripper bending over showing her cleavage

There is nothing rushed about a strip tease. It is supposed to tantalise and excite. By taking your time, you are not only giving him something to enjoy but the opportunity to make memories.

Mental snapshots he can flick through and enjoy if ever you’re not around!

Make a point of stroking your skin as you remove an item of clothing, highlighting the fact that it’s now naked. Play with your hair, sway your hips and accentuate the parts of your body you know he loves best. Get close enough for him to touch, then move away before he can.

Have fun and feel confident! We guarantee your guy is appreciating every moment of you!

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