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Top hen party themes for 2018

25 May 2018

Picking a hen party theme is important. It can affect how much fun is had at the event, but it can also reflect who the bride is as a person. A theme gives the guests a dress code, a sense of unity and can set the tone for the night. Here are just a few ideas of what we believe to be the best hen party themes of 2018.

Roaring ’20s

Find your inner Daisy Buchanan from the Great Gatsby and dust off that old classic flapper dress. Be inspired by the beautiful embroidery on the front of dresses, and ensure to keep to the theme with some vintage hairstyles and makeup. Add an elaborate hairpiece and some gold jewellery to complete this look.

20's ladies at a hen party


Swinging ’60s

Dress in bright tie-dye, turn on some disco music and let’s do the twist! The Swinging ’60s theme is big, bright and bold, with big hair and even bigger accessories. Look at the likes of Twiggy and Austin Powers and enjoy this classic party theme that will make your hen do even more groovy, baby!

Pyjama party

Sleepover chic is for the far more relaxed party. Whether it’s in a rented out country house or in the comfort of your own home, you can choose between the soft and fuzzy or the sexy bedwear look. Pair with fluffy slippers and a sleep mask and you can enjoy some sleepover activities that will make you look back nostalgically upon your youth.

hen party sleep over

The little black dress

This is a classic party theme for a real classy experience. Get out your best black dress and strut this fantastically versatile outfit choice. Go for an elegant style with something floor length, with an accent of silver in your shoes and accessories. Or, pick a shorter number with dark heels and jewels around your neck. Whether you are going to a club, out for dinner or you’re hosting your own event, this is a simple theme choice that looks good every time.

Polkadots and petticoats

This is one for the vintage lover! Pretend that you are in the 1950s and get out your swing dresses for an elegant look. If you can’t get your hands on a swing dress, then something with polka dots will do! It’s a bold look that suits all. Accessorise with pearl earrings and don’t forget the bright red lipstick that completes the look.

vintage hen party



Grease is the word – and the hit ’70s film makes for a brilliant hen party theme. Choose between the sweet swing dresses of Sandy, the tight trousers of the pink ladies or the iconic T-Bird leather jackets. Spend the night listening to classics from the musical, act out of iconic scenes and give yourself over to the love of this classic. This is also a theme that works with other musicals, like West Side Story or Wicked, where guests will don their costumes and bellow the words to their favourite show tunes.

Getting nautical

Have a boat party and embrace the theme of the sea. Dress in blues or a simple striped T-shirt. Become the captain on the deck with a cute sailor’s hat. Make your drink of choice rum and pretend you own the high seas. This is an easy and simple theme that anyone can create for themselves.

Nautical hen party

Tuxedo party

The tuxedo is not just for the groom. This theme involves bride and bridesmaids, who don their fanciest suits. This is perfect for the bride who doesn’t want to wear a dress. You don’t have to break the bank for this one either – the look can be achieved with a simple white shirt over black trousers, with an adorable bowtie to complete the look. What you get in the end is an edgy, stylish look perfect for your hen party.

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