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Our Butlers’ Top Tips For The Perfect Bum!

6 Jan 2019

We all want that perfect bum, but it’s harder to achieve than one would imagine, unfortunately doing 10 squats a day just won’t cut it.

NO need to panic…

We had a word with our gorgeous buff butlers here at Butlers with Bums and got you the lowdown on how they keep their bums looking so good and how to achieve the perfect peach.

butler with his bum on show

You don’t need to go to the gym to get a fabulous bum like our butlers! If you struggle to fit the gym into your daily schedule, or if like us you overspent in the January sales, and now can’t afford that gym membership you promised yourself… it’s ok! Working out from home is just as effective.

The best exercises according to our handsome hunks are squats, lunges, planking and crunches… These can all be done in the gym or at home in the living room or bedroom and will improve your derriere if done daily.

girl squatting for fitness

A balanced diet is very important, annoyingly exercise alone won’t give you the ultimate peach! You will still need to eat healthily. Our Butlers all follow a strict diet of chicken, rice and steamed vegetables… Now if that’s not floating your boat, don’t panic, a balanced diet of protein, healthy carbs for energy and lots of green vegetables for iron will see you well on the way to ‘a rear of the year’

Some simple daily activities can also help with the quest. Take the stairs whenever possible, every little helps and just taking the stairs instead of the lift will help shape up that butt. Do you really need to take the car to the corner shop? Walk as often as possible, getting those extra steps in each day is a super simple tip to achieving a scrummy bum.

person walking up stairs

Cut down on the chocolate and cake! Now I know this will be your least favourite tip (it is ours too! ) However, eating unnecessary sugars and bad fats will only delay your end goal. That cake, although super yummy will stick straight to your bum and hips and will make the task twice as hard!

Nibble on healthy snacks, our Butlers get hungry between meals too, BUT they don’t reach for the crisps or make for the biscuit jar! They replace these sweet treats with nuts, dried fruit or vegetable sticks. They will give you extra energy and are good for you too! That’s more energy for your squats folks!

healthy food platter

Make sure you are exercising correctly, whether you are doing this at home or in the gym it’s still very easy to do wrong! You may be causing damage to your spine and not helping your gorgeous bum at all! Seek advice from a Personal Trainer or watch a Youtube video before you go it alone.

Remember it takes time! You are not going to get this bum overnight! It takes hard work and dedication but the end results we are sure you will agree are pretty damn perfect…

butlers and an older lady

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