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So you’re thinking of taking the girls to Cardiff for a hen party extraordinaire, but can’t quite decide. There’s so much to see and do, it’s got a fantastic nightlife, friendly party-loving locals and very reasonable prices… but something’s missing. Well, we’re glad you stopped by – as what your near-perfect plans are missing is simply a Butler With Bums naked waiter! That’s right, not only a sight for sore eyes, our butlers have got the frills and skills to turn your memorable evening into a legendary one. From looking great to charming service, a semi-naked waiter at your beck and call is the ideal catalyst between Cardiff, you and a very good hen night indeed.


More about this city

Voted one of the UK’s best value cities for visitors by TripAdvisor, Cardiff is home to some 350k residents and attracts more than 19 million tourists each year – making the UK’s 12th most visited city one of its top 5 destinations for a hen night. One of Britain’s flattest cities in geographical terms alone – the Capital of Wales comes highly recommended, especially if you hire the bulging contours of a Butler With Bums naked butler!
Officially crowned the European Capital of Sport for 2014, Cardiff is a popular attraction for a very diverse audience. National Geographic consider the city to be one of the 10 best places to visit, whilst Lonely Planet rate it one of the must-see regions of the world. So that settles it then really… must see attractions and must see semi-naked butlers at your service. Sorted!

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