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Middlesbrough, the large industrial town on the south bank of the River Tees in the northeast of England is famous for a lot of things, but probably not famous enough for its legendary hen parties! It’s well documented that the northerly folk are game for a laugh and know how to throw a party, and with a renowned nightlife that supports such extravagant weekend festivities – who can blame them! Speaking of weekend extravagance, Middlesbrough is home to some very fine naked butlers indeed – and Butlers with Bums are proud to offer a service that we’re confident will add the cheeky fun to any weekend getaway. Celebrating a friend’s upcoming big day with a hen night… thinking of coming to Middlesbrough… sounds almost perfect, so make an enquiry to find out how you can make your North Yorkshire hen weekend go from memorable to unforgettable.

How is this possible, we hear you ask? Well, with a chiselled physique and stunning good looks, serving champagne and canapes has never been so sexy… and that’s just for starters. Hosting your party games, posing for photos, flashing the cheeky cheeks… and so much more.

So, to find out how the gorgeous guys at Butlers with Bums can add the sultry spice to your Middlesbrough hen night plans – please make an enquiry in the form, and let us be the eye-candy your party so desires.

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