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Life Drawing Training Class

Please follow the below points, they are expected at every life drawing class with no exceptions.

Naked Butler Posing for a Life Drawing Class

Prior to the Life Drawing Class:

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the correct materials for each job. 
  • Each class will require A3 paper, pencils, rubbers, and sharpeners for 20 people. 
  • Please notify us in advance if you require additional materials so that we can send them to you. If there isn’t enough time for postage, please pick up the materials you need from a nearby store and send us the receipt so we can reimburse you.
  • The Life Drawing Class lasts 1.5 hours and is divided into two sections: the first half is a life drawing session and the second half is a mini butler session. Therefore, you MUST bring your complete butler kit (collar, cuffs, bowtie, and apron) to each Life Drawing booking.


During the Life Drawing Class:

  • Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time in order to prepare and answer any questions the customer may have. You will then introduce yourself to the group before distributing the materials.
  • Begin the class in your full butler uniform before going fully nude.
  • The first 45 minutes of the class consists of a fully nude life drawing session. Unless otherwise specified by the customer, no clothing is to be worn during this time. 
  • You will strike a variety of poses for the group to draw, with 3-5 poses being optimal, but this will depend on how long each group takes to sketch each pose.
  • Throughout the session, you must communicate with the group, letting them know what is going to happen and when you will be changing positions. It is important to keep the conversation flowing and answer any questions that the group may have. The class is designed to be fun and light hearted, so please ensure you are interacting with the guests and try to make it as fun as possible.
  • As the life drawing segment concludes, you will need to select your favourite drawing and announce the winner.
  • For the second 45 minutes of the class, you will then change into your butler attire (collar, cuffs, bowtie and apron) and provide a mini butler session.
  • Within this time you will pose for pictures with the group, serve some drinks and canapés, and host the perfect party games.


After the Life Drawing Class 

  • At the end of the session, you MUST collect all remaining materials.
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