Butlers With Bums

Life Drawing Training Class

Training Guide


Please follow the below points, they are expected at every life drawing class with no exceptions.

For each class you will need pencils, paper, rubbers and sharpeners. If you do not have sufficient kit for up to 20 people you will need to let us know with plenty of time to send some out to you. Alternatively if there is not sufficient time for postage you will need to pop to a local shop and send us a receipt. It is your responsibility to make sure you have the correct materials for each job.

Always arrive 10 minutes prior to the start time to prepare and answer any questions the customer may have in plenty of time.

On arrival at the venue introduce yourself and hand out the materials to the group.

Each class is divided into 2 sections. The first half is a life drawing class and the second half you will butler for the group.

The life drawing is a nude life class; no clothing is to be worn during this time unless requested by customer.

During the first half you will need to be naked and pose for the group to draw. Ideally between 3-5 different positions, be led by how long they take to draw each one.

Throughout the life drawing you must communicate with the customers, let them know what’s going to happen in the class. Let them know when you are going to change positions.

The group will probably have questions, you will need to answer them and generally keep the conversation flowing throughout the class.

Judge your favourite drawing.

For the remaining 30 minutes you will provide a Butler session. Please make sure you bring your full kit. (Collar, cuffs, bow tie & Apron) Within this time you will organise group pictures, serve drinks or canapés and play games with the group.


IMPORTANT! Please collect all remaining materials at the end of the session.