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The Baby Shower Guide

27 Feb 2019

With your best friends D date rapidly approaching now is the time to get the baby shower planned! Meghan Markle has set some very high standards with her recent lavish baby shower to New York reportedly costing a whopping $200,000.00!

Don’t panic though because gift shops are packed full of cute balloons and banners, party props and delicious cupcakes you will find everything you need for the big day! An additional extra not to forget that will definitely be the icing on the cake is  –  a buff butler to help host the party!

Mums saying cheers at a baby shower

Don’t be mistaken for thinking that a Buff Butler is just for hen parties. Butlers became one of the most popular additions to baby showers across the UK in 2018.

I mean, think about it …what more could you want when celebrating the impending arrival of your baby with friends, family, and colleagues all together than a semi-naked male pouring the Schloer?

instagram butler

Our butlers will serve drinks and canapes to you and your guests, play games and pose for pictures with the yummy mummy-to-be.

Deciding on a personal gift for the mum to be is always tricky, she is sure to end up with oodles of tiny baby grows and vests, not to mention her fair share of cuddly toys.

Something really creative that you could do as a group at the party which also makes a great gift is decorating ABC blocks!

What you’ll need:

  1. Blank wooden blocks (you can get these from any local craft shop)
  2. Permanent markers /non-toxic glitter glues/paints

Give each guest 1-2 blocks to decorate it with different letters of the alphabet. Just make sure everyone does something different until you have a range from A to Z. This not only lets your guests get creative, but it makes a cute keepsake for the mum-to-be and her little one.

A really great game to play that everyone can participate in including children is ‘mum to be twister’ 

What you’ll need:

  1. Balloons
  2. Twister game (mat and spinner)

How to play:

Give each person a balloon and get them to blow it up and place it under their top to make a ‘baby’ bump. Then play a hilariously awkward game of Twister. You can give prizes for the least number of popped or dropped balloons. Let the mum-to-be sit back and relax in a chair and be the judge while enjoying the fun.

mum and balloons

Another popular choice for baby showers is our nude life drawing lessons! Sit back, relax and sketch the lovely toned torso of one of our models, play some fun baby shower games with him and get some great pics of the mum to be with her handsome hunk.

Hen party life drawing model posing and being drawn


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