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Meet the team

Daniel Harley Managing Director

Dan Harley


Dan founded Butlers with Bums back in 2011. Back then he was working at Lloyds bank and butlering as a fun side job. As his interest in the hen world grew, he wanted to create his own butlering platform. Now with over 7 years of experience in the hen industry, he is determined to provide his clients with an excellent service as well as unbeatable prices. Dan is a natural leader who strives for success and motivates his employers to be the best that they can. Dan lives in Brighton, where in his spare time he enjoys playing football, going to the gym and taking his dogs out.

Roberta Murray

Roberta Murray

Bookings Manager

Roberta has watched Butlers with Bums grow from a local business to a nationwide company. She manages all of the bookings and has been successfully involved in developing a system that will allow the client a smooth booking experience. She is customer driven and is very passionate about her job. Roberta enjoys going on long walks up the Sussex downs with her Scottish Terrier.

Rachel Edwards

Rachel Edwards

Administrator and Social Media

Rachel has a keen interest in social media and is undertaking an apprenticeship here at Butlers with Bums. She is helping to improve the company’s social media content as well as expand and find exciting new content for our social networking platforms. She actively posts new photos and content to ensure they are up to date. As well as that she is on call to answer the phone and able to advise customers. Rachel enjoys going out at the weekend and likes to take advantage of what Brighton’s nightlife has to offer.

Oli Nelson

Oli Nelson

Media and Production

Oli has been filming for Butlers with Bums for over 3 years. He specialises in marketing and production. His short film productions display Butlers with Bums exciting services and what our butlers have to offer.

Oli also works as a butler in and around Brighton and enjoys hosting parties. In his spare time he can usually be found in the gym and is rather partial to a Nandos. He also has a musical side and can play the guitar.

Danielle English assistant bookings manager

Danielle English

Assistant Bookings Manager

Danielle works as an assistant bookings manager at Butlers with Bums.

She specialises in delivering excellent customer service and going above and beyond to make sure ours customers have the best experience possible. Outside of work Danielle enjoys going to see movies and spending time with friends and family. She also enjoys going for long walks with her dog Hunter.


Chloe Hepburn

Chloe Hepburn

Relationship Manager

Chloe works as a relationship manager at Butlers with Bums. She spends her time building great relationships with our suppliers in order to provide our customers with the best possible experiences.  

She is also on hand to help with content writing and social media. Outside of work she likes to spend her time with family and friends. She enjoys exploring new places and has a keen interest in travel.She is also onhand to help and advise customers with organising their special event from start to finish.