Butlers With Bums

Naked Butlers For Your Event Across The UK

Prices start from just £40 per hour

Our Naked Butlers will add a cheeky twist to your celebrations, and keep you entertained including hosting games, making cocktails and serving food & drinks… all whilst showing off their trademark chiselled physiques. We’re proud to be able to offer such competitive rates, which start from just £40.00 per hour.

All of our Naked Butlers are experienced, professional, friendly and most importantly… irresistibly sexy! If you’re looking for a service with more than just a pretty smile, our guys are in great shape and are the ideal choice for any celebration. 

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What Do Our Butlers Do?

Our gorgeous Naked Butlers are sure to keep your party entertained with their cheeky good looks and charismatic personalities. They will effortlessly serve drinks, mix up cocktails & serve canapés in addition to helping host your event.

They will also organise pictures with everyone and suggest perfect party games for you and your group.

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Buff Butlers with hen party guests

Keeping You Entertained

What Can My Buff Butlers Do?

Party Games
Play Party Games
Hen Party Cocktail Class with some hens
Mix Cocktails
Pose for photos
Pose For Photos
Buff butler hosting and event
Host Your Event
Buff butlers serving Champagne
Serve Champagne
Serving cake and prosecco
Serve Food

Perfect For Any Occasion

Our Naked Butlers are as versatile as they are sexy. Whether you need them for your hen party pre-drinks or birthday celebrations, we have got you covered. They are the perfect addition for any occasion and are guaranteed to put you and your guests in the party mood.

We can also add that special touch for the bride to be. Our Naked Butler will arrive with a box of luxury chocolates and a rose (£15) or a bottle of prosecco and chocolates (£20).

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  • Party Games
  • Dinner Parties
  • Baby Showers
  • Birthday Parties
  • Charity Events
  • Corporate Events
  • LGBT Events
  • Pamper Parties

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Our gorgeous Naked Butlers will make your party the talk of the year and something never to be forgotten. So, what are you waiting for? Spice up your party and give your friends a real treat – and a surprise they won’t ever forget!


    • Can I choose my Butler?

      Unfortunately, we don’t have a selection process as we have a vast array of butlers nationwide. However, when selecting your butler we will allocate you a guy that best suits your preferences.

      All the models on our website are the standard of guys that we have, so we ensure you will be satisfied with the model provided.

    • Can my butler play party games?

      Indeed! Our butlers will come prepared with hen party games so can recommend some to you or they can participate in any games that you have already organised!

    • Can my butler stay on at the party?

      We can look at booking your butlers in for extra hours, however this is not something we can guarantee as our butlers are usually on back to back jobs. Therefore, we recommend that you book your butlers for longer in advance!

    • Will the Butler(s) come to a hired venue/bar?

      Yes! Your butler will come to any venue you choose providing that the venue itself has given full permission for your butler to attend. Typically a house/flat, hen houses, cottages and private rooms in bars are popular venues for butlers to attend.

    • What will happen on the day of my booking?

      Your Butler will be in contact with you on the day of your booking to reconfirm the time, location, and answer any questions you may have.

      The Butler(s) will arrive 5 – 10 minutes prior to their booked time and will telephone you once they are outside, keeping their arrival a surprise.

      Upon arrival, the Butler(s) will require a room to get changed in and be ready for a prompt start.

    • What will my Butler wear?

      Your Butler(s) will be ready to serve at your event wearing a collar, bow tie, cuffs and a bottom revealing apron.

      You can request shorts or suit trousers to be worn.

    • What will my Butler do?

      Make the most of your Butler(s) who will be on hand to meet and greet guests, serve any drinks/canapés, mix up cocktails, organise group photos and they can also partake and host party games. Our Naked Butlers have some great party game ideas they can organise or assist with ones you already planned for the night.

    • Once I’ve booked can I change the time of my booking?

      Yes, once you have booked time changes can be made up to 2 weeks prior to the booking. Any amendments to bookings made within the 2 weeks can not be guaranteed and will require an admin charge.

    • Does he come with a cocktail shaker and tray?

      Unfortunately, you will need to provide your butler with any cocktail equipment such as a cocktail shakers, alcohol and trays! However, our butlers are great with their hands so they can improvise with any materials you already have at your venue!

    • Can we accessorise our Butler?

      Absolutely, you can accessorise your butler according to your party theme or setting! If you wish to provide accessories, you can do so at your own expense.

    • Does he need somewhere to change?

      Yes, your butler will arrive at your accommodation fully clothed and will need a room to get changed into his cheeky butler attire. He will also need a safe place to put his belongings.

    • Can we have more than one butler?

      Of course! You can have as many butlers as you require! Besides, two butlers are double the fun! We usually recommend one butler for 10-15 guests and then two butlers for 15 plus guests! However the choice is yours!

    • Can we touch our butlers?

      Yes, appropriate touching of your butler whilst taking photos with him, playing party games and getting him to serve drinks is absolutely fine, however please do respect all our members of staff.

      If we haven’t answered your question in our above FAQ’s then please do not hesitate to contact us.