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Buff Butlers

Butlers in the Buff For Your Events Across The UK

Our Butlers in the Buff will add a cheeky twist to your celebrations and are sure to keep you entertained. From making cocktails, pouring champagne or serving food … they do the lot! All whilst showing off their trademark chiselled physiques.

We’re proud to be able to offer very competitive rates, which start from just £50.00 per hour (T&Cs apply).

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Hen Party Butlers
Naked butler at a hen do

What Do Our Butlers Do?

Our Cheeky Waiters will keep your party entertained with their cheeky good looks and charismatic personalities. They will organise pictures with everyone and suggest perfect party games for you and your group. As well as keeping your glasses topped up and serving the vol-au-vents.

All of our handsome hunks are experienced, professional, friendly and most importantly… irresistibly hot! If you’re looking for a service with more than just a pretty smile, our guys are in great shape and are the ideal choice for any celebration.

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Keeping You Entertained

What Can My Buff Butlers Do?

Party Games

Play Party Games

Hen Party Cocktail Class with some hens

Mix Cocktails

Pose For Photos

Buff butler hosting and event

Host Your Event

Buff butlers serving Champagne

Serve Champagne

Serving cake and prosecco

Serve Food

Buff Butlers taking a picture

Perfect For Any Occasion

Our gorgeous guys are as versatile as they are hunky. Whether you need them for your hen party pre-drinks or birthday celebrations, we have got you covered. They are the perfect addition for any occasion and are guaranteed to put you and your guests in the party mood.

We can also add that special touch for the bride to be. Our male model will arrive with:

  • A box of luxury chocolates and a rose (£20)
  • Or a bottle of prosecco and chocolates (£25).
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What's Your Occasion?

Party Games

Whatever the occasion, our Butlers are the ideal guys to host your party games. Their stunning looks will make them the eye candy of the room and their outgoing personalities make them the ultimate hosts. This truly is the best way to get party games going at your event without the hassle of trying to do it yourself.

Dinner Parties

If you’re holding a dinner party for your dearest friends and want to make things a little less stressful and lot more exciting, then why not have one of our delightful butlers to wait on you and your guests. Dinner parties should be about spending quality time with your friends, so do just that as one of our hot hunks does everything else for you. They can top up drinks, serve food, fetch canapés and clear tables. Our gorgeous guys really do create an ideal environment for you and your guests to relax, laugh and enjoy your dinner party with a little bit of extra fun!

Baby Showers

Baby showers are becoming more and more popular in the UK; for many people they can become quite a big event. Just because someone is having a baby it doesn’t mean a baby shower has to be totally about bottles, bedtime advice and baby carriers! Our Buff Butlers can help serve snacks, organise a few fun games or just serve drinks and look amazing!

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Birthday Parties

If you are stuck trying to find a present for your friend’s 21st, your mum’s 50th or even your grans 75th, then our cheeky hunks will not disappoint. There is nothing like a buff butler to give the birthday girl or boy a day to remember. His charm will wow everyone as he waits on them with champagne or favourite drink. His good looks and charm will make them feel so special and ensure its the best birthday ever. You can even surprise the birthday girl or boy further, by getting the butler to spoil them with luxurious chocolates and a rose.

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Charity Events

Our Butlers will add the cheek and the charm to your charity fundraisers. With our wide range of experience in charity events, we ensure you that one of our guys will add that needed element of fun. Our handsome helpers can assist with selling raffle tickets, serving treats and interacting with guests. Or they can even be great raffle prizes or auction gifts, a prize sure to get guests raising money for your charity.

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Corporate Events

Our guys aren’t just cheeky, they also have the sophistication and class to host at your corporate event. We guarantee that our hunks will cater for all your business guests’ needs. From accommodating your guests with their charming personalities to serving drinks and food. A Butler can really add some fun into a corporate event.

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LGBT Events

We can cater for gay events and have a wide range of experience in hosting LGBT weddings and Parties. As regulars at the Brighton Pride Marches and many others we are 100% LGBT friendly and would simply love to help make whatever party you have planned go with a bang. Please speak to our friendly team to discuss any requirements you may have.

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Pamper Parties

Sometimes all you need is to be pampered! Pamper parties are very popular for hen do’s, baby showers and more. We can offer a range of pampering activities for those who simply wish to enjoy some rejuvenating experiences as a start to a day of partying or perhaps the day after the big hen do!

Our butlers can make a pampering party so much more fun. Who wouldn’t want to be served a drink by a Hunky Butler while being completely pampered?

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Let’s get the Party Started

Book our buff butlers and add some extra spice to your next event. Our handsome hunks are the perfect addition for any occasion, guaranteed to put you and your guests in the party mood.

What kind of party are you planning?

What kind of party are you planning?

Life Drawing Model
Cocktail Class
Male Performer


Can my butler play party games?

Indeed! Our butlers will come prepared with hen party game ideas to recommend to you or they can participate in any games that you have already organised!

**For any games that need props, you will be responsible for supplying them**

Please see our Hen party game ideas page below.

Hen Party Games

Can my butler stay on at the party?

We can look at booking your butlers in for extra hours, however, this is not something we can guarantee as our butlers are usually on back to back jobs. Therefore, we recommend that you book your butlers for longer in advance! Butlers are not permitted to stay on at an event once the booking time as finished.

Will the Butler(s) come to a hired venue/bar?

Yes! Your butler will come to any venue you choose providing that the venue itself has given full permission for your butler to attend. Typically a house/flat, hen houses, cottages and private rooms in bars are popular venues for butlers to attend. Your venue will need to be private and closed off from public view.

What will happen on the day of my booking?

All our Butlers check in with us on the morning of the booking so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

The Butler(s) will be in contact with you 5 – 10 minutes prior to their booked time and will telephone you once they are outside, keeping their arrival a surprise.

Please ensure that we are able to contact you at all times prior to your booking. If our models are unable to reach you, this may result in a loss of booking time or your booking being cancelled altogether.

Upon arrival, the Butler(s) will require a room to get changed in and be ready for a prompt start.

What will my Butler wear?

Your Butler(s) will be ready to serve at your event wearing a collar, bow tie, cuffs and a bottom revealing apron.

You can request shorts or suit trousers to be worn.

What will my Butler do?

Make the most of your Butler(s) who will be on hand to meet and greet guests, serve any drinks/canapés, mix simple cocktails, organise group photos and they can also partake and host party games. Our Naked Butlers have some great party game ideas they can organise or assist with ones you already have planned for the night.

Once I’ve booked can I change the time or date of my booking?
  1. If after the Booking Date, you wish to change the time there will be a £15.00 administration fee.
  2. If you wish to change the date there will be a £30 administration fee.
  3. If you wish to change the Event Address and it is within a 5-mile radius of your original address then there is no charge. If you wish to change the location there will be a £30 admin fee plus additional travel charges depending on the location.
Does he come with a cocktail shaker and tray?

Unfortunately, you will need to provide your butler with any cocktail equipment such as a cocktail shakers, alcohol and trays! However, our butlers are great with their hands so they can improvise with any materials you already have at your venue!

Can we accessorise our Butler?

Absolutely, you can accessorise your butler according to your party theme or setting! If you wish to provide accessories, you can do so at your own expense.

Does he need somewhere to change?

Yes, your butler will arrive at your accommodation fully clothed and will need a room to get changed into his cheeky butler attire. Preferably a bathroom or somewhere that does not contain any of your personal items. He will also need a safe place to put his belongings.

Can we have more than one butler?

Of course! You can have as many butlers as you require! Besides, two butlers are double the fun! We usually recommend one butler for 10-15 guests and then two butlers for 15 plus guests! However the choice is yours!

Can we touch our butlers?

Yes, appropriate touching of your butler whilst taking photos with him, playing party games and getting him to serve drinks is absolutely fine, however, please do respect all our members of staff.

Can I choose my Butler?

Tell us your preferences and let us match the perfect butler for your perfect party!

We have over 500 gorgeous butlers nationwide.  Any preferences you provide to us, we will always do our very best to meet them and accommodate your requests.

If we haven’t answered your question in our above FAQ’s then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can I see a photo of my butler?

We know you can’t wait to meet your handsome hunk but due to the huge number of bookings, we have each week we don’t send images out.

We have the very best butlers around so we’re super confident you will be thrilled with the butlers we allocate to you!

Plus we want you to be as surprised as the guest of honour – after all, you have put all the hard work in!

What happens if my butler arrives late?

We recommended having at least an hour window after your finish time in case your butler is unable to arrive on time due to travel restrictions etc.

This doesn’t happen often but sometimes these situations occur.

Can my butler cook food for us at a BBQ?

Although they can assist with serving your BBQ food our butlers are not insured to cook it.

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