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How to Throw Your Own Celebrity Hen Party

13 Oct 2016
Taylor Swift with her friends during a hen party
You just know Taylor Swift would plan an amazing hen party! (Pic via


A bride’s wedding day is her time to shine like an A-lister. Why limit that incredible feeling to one day when you can enjoy a hen party fit for a celebrity? If you want to plan a celebrity hen party impressive enough to feature in the pages of OK! Magazine, then keep reading.

Beautiful People

No celebrity party is complete without beautiful people so make sure you have our gorgeous butlers on hand to keep your guests’ glasses topped up. It doesn’t matter whether you’re having a formal cocktail party or a Vegas-inspired club night, our professional butlers will look the part, fitting in and doing their best to ensure everyone has a great night.

An Amazing Location

There’s nothing as much fun as letting your hair down and dancing with your friends, and a hen party can be so much more than a nightclub with bad lighting and sticky floors. Forget cheap hotel chains and book a luxury beachfront property for a weekend.  Laze in the sunshine during the day, and book a hairstylist and make-up artist to help you get red-carpet ready. Dine at home then hit VIP clubs like Boutique in Brighton knowing all eyes will be on you and your glam friends. Finish your weekend with a girly slumber party culminating in breakfast served by a naked butler.

Have a Dress Code

Forget Instagram! You want your pics to be on Instagram, and that takes some planning. Talk to your mates about what you’ll be wearing and try to coordinate your overall look so your photos look as fantastic as you do. You don’t have to go completely matching, but at least ditch veils and L-plates for stylish flower crowns.

Group of women wearing white dresses on a boat
Tatiana Santa Domingo’s celebrity hen party could have been styled by Vogue.

Sail the Seas

Is any celebrity summer party complete without a yacht, or a lounger at an exclusive beach club? We might not have beach clubs in the UK, but you can certainly unleash your inner diva by hiring a yacht for an exclusive party, and you don’t even have to leave the marina.

Nicki Minaj dancing at a party
Nicki Minaj knows how it’s done. (Pic via Talking with Tami)

Event-Based Party Planning

Take a leaf out of Kate Moss’ book and arrange your hen party around a fantastic event. Kate partied hard at the Isle of Wight Festival on her hen do, but we think a weekend at Brighton Pride would be an amazing way to kiss your single life goodbye!

Butlers reaching up to two girls with their bums on show


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