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Hen Party Dress Themes

23 Jul 2014


Women dressed in different outfits


If you’re planning a hen party with uniformed buff butlers, it’s only fitting that you also follow the tradition of fancy dress too. While it’s exciting to play hen party games, adding a little twist with this list of cool dress themes will definitely inject even more fun into your night. So, read on for our top hen party dress themes!

Hen Party Dress Themes

Black and Bling

Diamonds are forever and they are also a girl’s best friend! But you’re not to dress up with real diamonds here. Just make your hen party members wear something black and shiny. If you can come up with diamonds, well… You go girl! Wear the bling and you’ll definitely sparkle on the dance floor!

Pick the colour

This is actually a common theme but, if you want to be colour-specific, you may want to pick a favourite to define the dress code. For example, if you choose pink, your hen party members may wear anything as long as it’s pink. You may also want to consider what kind of dress exactly. Pink swimsuit, anyone?

Go Hawaiian

If you have a hen party at the beach, choosing the Hawaiian theme will be perfect. This will also give you the opportunity to wear your best bikinis, grass skirts, colourful flower crowns and flower necklaces.

Sex and the City theme

Enjoy a sophisticated hen party night with the Sex and the City dress up theme. That means sexy cocktail dresses, plunging necklines, little black dresses and, of course, killer heels!

French Maids

If you want to wear a sexy little dress in black, navy blue, or any dark colour, add some fun by donning a lacy, white pinny. Grab a feather duster and hope that you run into some cheeky and dirty butlers to help you clean up…


Get naughty, innocent and sexy by dressing up in schoolgirl outfits. Wear pigtails, a miniskirt, knee-high socks and the traditional white shirt. Have fun with our Butlers with Bums dressed like naughty schoolboys. Beware – they’ll probably misbehave!

Be Super

A big fan of superheroes or supervillains? No problem! Impersonate your favourite superhero/villain and scream magic and power. If you’re tired of Wonder Woman, Catwoman or Batgirl, why not create your own?

Once you’ve chosen one of these hen party dress themes, don’t forget to enjoy your night with cheeky butlers. Go wild, laugh, dance and drink but, most of all, don’t forget to like our Facebook page so that you get helpful tips and ideas for your hen parties.

Image Credits: Festive Fancy Dress

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