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Why An Easter Wedding Is Always A Good Idea

31 Mar 2018

Having an Easter Wedding is becoming a popular choice! We know that summer weddings are indeed a big hit with couples, while some brides want to have a Winter Wonderland as their backdrop. Yet there is one style of nuptials that is becoming increasingly popular: Easter weddings.

After a long winter, spring is always a welcoming time. It’s when flowers start to bloom again, baby animals are born and everyone is feeling that little bit chirpier! Spring is symbolically seen as a time of new beginnings. So, why not begin married life with an Easter wedding? Read on to find out why an Easter wedding is always a good idea.

Easter Bride

Better weather

We all know that April showers are a thing and you can’t guarantee that a spring or Easter wedding will remain dry. However, there’s a much better chance that it will than if it was to take place in November!

The temperature will be higher, which gives you a bit more wiggle room when it comes to venues and, of course, outfits! Brides and bridesmaids won’t need to huddle together under blankets and parkas while waiting to take photos outside. Strapless gowns and sandals are a go-to for Easter weddings and if you have that in mind for yours then it’s something to consider.

Along with the temperature being higher, it will also be brighter for longer. You’ll also feel that you have more energy in the run-up to the wedding and may find it easier to come up with hen do ideas as well as organising other aspects of the event. Not to mention the natural light creates awesome opportunities for photos on the day itself and you’ll have a much happier wedding photographer.

Great food available

Spring is a favourite season for chefs as there are so many yummy foods having their moment. An Easter wedding can feature the most amazing seasonal menus featuring local produce that can both turn up the flavour and bring down the budget.

There is a multitude of food associated with spring and Easter with something for everyone. Lamb is naturally a great main that makes a pleasant change to beef. Vegetarians will adore the plenitude of greens that come with spring such as asparagus and snap peas that can be incorporated into a delicious salad.

Last but not least, could you really have an Easter wedding without chocolate? Lots of people give up the stuff in the run-up to Easter so would probably welcome a nice slice of chocolate cake at your Easter wedding!

Easter food for an easter wedding

School holidays

One of the practical benefits of an Easter wedding is that you can have it during school holidays. This allows more flexibility for the day itself and things like hen parties. If you have kids of your own or in your extended family, this means that they can attend the big day without missing out on their education.

Parents often take holidays from work during this time too, so you could plan a wedding to fall on a weekday instead of a weekend if that works better for you. As Easter is a religious celebration if you plan to get married in a church make sure you consult the parish regarding their schedule as it can be a busy time for them.

Easter weddings are popular with celebrities

Famous brides often look to springtime for their weddings. The most anticipated wedding of the year between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry takes place in May, at the tail end of the season. Perhaps it was inspired by in-laws Kate Middleton and Prince William’s Easter wedding in April 2011? Boho bride Poppy Delevingne also got married in spring, as did the ever-glamourous Kim Kardashian. There’s no doubt that these brides are smart and stylish women who recognise a good opportunity like an Easter or a spring wedding when they see it, so why not follow suit?

Spring Wedding

Themes are fun and easy

Themes can make planning a party or event easy. Everything ties together nicely as it falls under a common aesthetic. If you plan an Easter-themed wedding or hen party you have so many gorgeous ideas that you can incorporate into it. Spring florals, pastels, new beginnings – all of these are fabulous themes that don’t require a huge amount of effort or an unaffordable budget. Let Easter take over your wedding and celebrate two things at once!

You can also have one of our buff butlers at your wedding to make your special day that extra bit special. Or they are perfect to spice up your hen party celebrations before.

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