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Hen Party Games to Play with Your Naked Butler!

6 Jan 2017
A hen party just isn’t a hen party without some hilarious games. So, if you’re chief bridesmaid, it’s your job to organise them! Ensuring all the hens have a blast is by no means an easy feat, especially as not all of the party guests will be familiar with each other.
But don’t panic… Butlers with Bums and The Hen Fairy are here! Armed with some of the very best party games to keep your hens laughing, entertained and clucking for more!

Stick the Trunk on the Hunk

This hysterical game is bundles of fun. You and your hens will blindly try to stick the “trunk” on the hunk.
First, choose your hunk! Your gorgeous guy could be an A-list celebrity, a fit footballer, or even the groom-to-be! Next, you’ll either need to buy a kit off eBay or make your own. You’ll then need a picture (or poster) of your chosen hunk (the bigger the picture, the better), and you’ll need to create your own trunk. You could even incorporate trunk-making as a separate game beforehand and the girl with the best trunk wins! Each hen is then blindfolded and given the trunk to pin on the hunk. The lady who gets the trunk in the nearest position wins!  
Available from Amazon or Ebay to purchase.

Make Your Own Bride

This game is a fantastic way to make the blushing bride or chosen candidate look absolutely stunning, as they are dressed up in toilet paper, bin bags and any other materials you can find.
You’ll need to split up into two teams and choose one of members to be the “bride-to-be”. You can do this either by picking names out of a hat, or selecting team leaders to choose their team. You then have ten minutes to get creative and dress up the chosen bride with the limited supplies you have!
Some good materials to use include tissue paper, white plastic bags and, of course, sticky tape! You could get really inventive and try searching for props that are at your venue! Then you’ll need to take photographs of the brides and judge the best one. You can either let the bride-to-be decide who the winner is, or, if you have a butler, he can happily help out with the hen party games too!
Pin the junk on the hunk
Want to pin the junk on the hunk?

The Post-it Note Game

This simple game only requires post-it notes but will provide hours of laughter!
Give each participant a post-it note and a pen. Then pick a theme. The themes can be anything from famous people, to kinkier themes, such as a sex positions! Each player write a word from that theme onto their post-it note and stick it to the forehead of one of the other players. Players then take it in turns to try to guess who/what they are! If the player answers a question correctly, they are allowed to ask another one. However, if they answer incorrectly, it’s then the next player’s turn. You could also introduce forfeits for those who get the questions wrong, such as a dare or a shot. The winner is the guest who guesses who/what they are first!


Mr and Mrs

One of the most traditional of all hen party games, Mr and Mrs tests how well the bride-to-be knows her future husband! A small amount of preparation is needed ahead of the party, because you will need to speak to the groom and get him to give you some of the answers.
Some of our favourite questions include: “Where did you go on your first date?”, “If she were a wild animal, which would she be?” and “What’s the most unusual place you’ve ever had sex?”.
Then, at the hen party, the bride is asked the same questions and she must work out what her groom has answered! For every question she gets wrong, a member of the hen party gets to name a forfeit. This could be a dare, such as prank calling someone, or taking a shot of vodka. However, to mix it up a bit, the bride also has three nominations where she can make another member of the group do the forfeit for her!
Group of women stood with a butler
Want to play this great hen party game?

Spin the Butler’s Bottle

This juicy game does need one very important prop… an irresistibly sexy butler from Butlers with Bums! You will also need an empty bottle and a whole lot of alcohol. This classic game of ‘Spin the bottle’ has an additional exciting and cheeky twist, which will have you praying that the bottle lands on you!
You and your hens sit in a circle while someone spins the bottle. Simple rules, whoever the bottle lands on has to do a shot. However, this is no ordinary shot! You won’t be taking it from a shot glass… Oh, no! Instead you will take it from our incredibly hunky Butlers with Bums butler! To make it even more fun, you are not allowed to use any hands when taking the shot. If you do, you’ll have to face a forfeit.

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