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Whats The Right Accommodation For You?

15 Jan 2019

Choosing suitable accommodation for the group is potentially one of the biggest decisions you will make as the organizer of a hen or sten party. There is certainly no room for mistakes, you have a whole gang of hens to please not just the bride to be!

Hen houses are a fantastic idea, they give you the opportunity to spread yourselves out. Bag yourselves the ultimate party house by renting out a gorgeous gaff for the weekend! Getting your bride tribe together in one big house creates a lovely relaxed vibe and gives the bride plenty of time to chat to everyone, without having to room hop. It also ensures all the guests get to mix with each other and takes the pressure off being paired in a room with someone you don’t really know! You will all be the best of friends in no time.

best friends with hearts

We can provide some breathtaking hen houses across the UK. Our top selling locations are Liverpool, Brighton and Bournemouth, the houses are ideal for partying in, chilling out in, exploring the city or hosting in-house activities. A Nude life drawing class, pamper party or even a mobile cocktail making lesson! You can really make them your own with decorations, a butler to greet you, a personal chef and lots of fun party games! The only real downside to a hen house is that you may be the one left cooking breakfast!

cocktail making class
Hotels are a great option when it comes to accommodation, you have someone to clean your room, make your bed and breakfast is cooked for you! They are usually centrally located so you will be able to get around on foot between activities with no extra cost for cabs. We have some gorgeous spa hotels to offer throughout the UK in all major cities. Just call one of our team for availability. 

image of a hotel room

The downside with hotels can be when the group don’t all know each other that well and room sharing is necessary. This is easily sorted out by a little forward planning though! A pre hen ‘hen’ is always a fun idea, get all the girls together at home in advance for a takeaway, a chick flick and a handsome Butler to serve some prosecco. That way everyone has met and feels at ease with each other when you all go away.

pre hen hen party

Whichever option you go with, make sure that it’s right for your whole group’s needs, what activities you are planning to do and what vibe you are hoping for the weekend.  

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