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Hen Party Accessories

15 Jun 2018

The hen party is a staple of pre-married life! Therefore, it’s a memory that will stay with the bride and her bridesmaids for years to come. So why not get your hands on some hen party accessories to help remember the time by? From classic bright pinks and glitter to small and minimalist favours that can be cherished forever. There is always something for whatever the bride takes a fancy to.

The party sash

If you think about the standard hen do, it wouldn’t be complete without the party sash. This is because the sash announces exactly what you are doing and why. It sends a clear message – good or bad – and it is heavy with cultural meaning. Either, go with the classic – bright pink with the cursive Bride to Be. You can even complete the look with a pink fuzz-lined tiara and spectre. Or, if that’s a little too bold for you, there are now hundreds of options to choose from. This means you don’t need to scrap the iconic look of the hen do entirely, you just need to alter it to fit your own needs.

Hen party accessories such as sashes
Girls on a hen party wearing hen party accessories such as sashes

Anything with flashing lights

When you’re an adult, there are very few times where it is deemed acceptable to wear flashing lights upon your person. You no longer get to experience the joys of light up headbands or shoes that blink pretty lights with every step. At a hen do, however, those social norms no longer apply. Although it can be considered a little gaudy, it is a classic and a simple way of drawing attention to your big celebration. Not to mention, your flashing lights could be on anything from T-shirts and bunny ears to plastic rings. It’s a versatile addition to your hen-do wardrobe.

Girls wearing hen party accessories in a party bus
Girls pouring champagne at a hen party on a party bus

Team bride shirts

There’s something about the unity involved in a hen party celebration. This is due to everyone coming together to celebrate such a fantastic moment in the bride-to-be’s life. Why not mark that occasion with some Team Bride merchandise? Like a superhero team, bride and bridesmaids can match with this simple clothing choice. Put the words ‘Team Bride’ on a T-shirt and you have an option of what to wear for every part of the wedding preparations. This is something that is not only Instagram-worthy but can easily be styled to fit your own personal tastes. From the classy script font on a plain tee to something brighter and bolder that will match your party sash. You can show your unity as Team Bride with some matching T-shirts, the perfect hen party accessories.

hen party accessories at a pink hen party
Five girls at a pink themed hen party holding glasses of champagne and wearing hen party accessories


Not every hen party needs to be big, bold and eye-catching. Maybe you want to keep things small and modest? If so, that doesn’t mean that you have to forgo a group accessory that marks your intention to celebrate your future married life. Keep it classy with something as simple as a necklace. Brides and bridesmaids can simply purchase the same necklace from a store or you can spend a little extra for something customised to you. This is something that can be worn every day, worn at the wedding itself, and will not impact on outfits or day to day life. This is a perfect option for those who want to keep it simple and have something as a symbolic memento of the time.

Your hen party accessories should be unique to you. Don’t be afraid to step away from the pack and celebrate in your own way.

hen party accessories being worn by the hens
A group of bridesmaids and a bride to be on a hen party

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