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Games for Your Hen Party

13 Feb 2016

When it comes to finding the perfect games to play at your hen party, it can be hard to decide. From daring and risqué to suitable for all ages, there are plenty to choose from. Here are our top five hen party games…

Woman playing twister with a butler

5. The Post-it Note Game

All you need is a pack of post-its, enough pens for each of your hens and a lot of imagination. You can choose famous people, or choose to take a much kinkier twist on the game by choosing sex positions or toys. Each hen then writes one out and sticks it on the forehead of another hen and then take it in turns to ask questions to work out who or what you are.

4. Make Your Own Bride

Split the hen party into two or three teams. Take toilet paper, white bin bags and tissue paper, then each team has ten minutes to make one of their team into a bride, and take a bridal photo! The winning team is the one that has the best bride photo to show at the end of the game.

3. Mr and Mrs

This classic game requires a little preparation. Talk to the groom before the party and ask him to answer some questions. Then, at the hen party, ask the bride what the groom answered to each of the set questions! For every question she gets wrong, a member of the hen party gets to name a forfeit. Be warned – the bride has three nominations so she can make some members of the hen party perform the forfeit for her.

2. Stick the trunk on the hunk

Choose a picture of your favourite hunk on the wall – the bigger the poster, the better. Each hen is blindfolded and given a trunk to pin on the hunk. Then hen that gets the trunk in the most anatomically correct place on the hunk wins! (Available to buy from Amazon or eBay.)

1. Spin the Butler’s Bottle 

A game best saved for last. Have the hens stand or sit in a circle and spin the bottle. Whoever the bottle lands has to take a shot – but not a shot from a glass. One of our butlers will be lying down on the floor or the table and the lucky lady has to take the shot from a part of his body without using their hands!

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