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Hen Party Ideas – A Time of Freedom before Marriage

10 Sep 2013

Is your best friend getting married soon? Do you want to surprise her with an unforgettable hen party? A hen party is a fantastic way to show your friend just how much you care, and gives you and your friends an opportunity to say farewell before she gets married. It’s one of the only times you can hit the town and have fun. Running short on hen party ideas? Look no further! Below, we’ve listed our most popular hen party ideas – freedom before marriage!


Hen Party Ideas a Time of Freedom before Marriage


Hen Party Ideas – Freedom Before Marriage!


Every hen party needs some daring games to spice things up! Drinking games, party games and even truth or dare are all brilliant ways to get the party going. You might even uncover some unknown truths about your friends!

When alcohol is involved, these games will be all the more hilarious!

Dress Up

Dressing up is a fun way to turn into someone else for the night. Ask your friends to dress up in the most crazy way they can, or set a theme such as 80s costumes or bunnies. You’re sure to get some attention if you go drinking in a bar or clubbing!

If your best friend isn’t into dressing up, you could set a colour theme. For example, pink is the most popular hen party colour, and it’s sure to make the boys wink!


Every good hen party needs accessories! Buy or make some ‘Bride to be’ and ‘Bridesmaids’ sashes for your friends to wear. You can find great personalised accessories online too, such as shot glasses on necklaces, bunny ears and even temporary tattoos.

Hen party guests can keep personalised accessories as a memento of the party. Go for it and surprise your best friend with a hen party to remember!

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Put in the effort to make your hen party night a memorable one.

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