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Hen Party Planning Tips So Good Everyone Will Want an Invite

27 Sep 2016

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One of the reasons our naked butlers are in such high demand is because they love a hen party! You can’t fake enthusiasm and our guys have it by the champagne bucket full! There’s not much we don’t know about hen party planning and we love to help throw a fantastic party! Here are our best hen party planning¬†tips to help you plan the party to beat all parties.

Choose a Date

It’s fine for fellas to have their stag do close to the wedding, but hen parties should be 4-6 weeks before the big event, to give the bride time to finish all her last minute wedding planning. It also gives your guests at least one pay day between the hen party and the wedding, so they won’t have to skimp on having fun.

Save the Date

As soon as you have your date, even if you have absolutely no idea of what you plan to do, send a “save the date” notification to your guests. Weekends fill up faster than you can say “I do” and you want to avoid your date clashing with any other hen parties or weddings if you can help it.

Ask Your Bride

Don’t assume you know who the bride wants to invite, or what she wants to do. It may be your role to plan the hen party but it’s her party, so do what she wants. If her guests have a wide mix of ages and interests, it may be wise to plan a party of two halves to accommodate everybody’s tastes. Butlers with Bums can help you plan a refined hen party life drawing class in the afternoon, followed by cocktail-making and dancing in the evening.

Take Off One Item

Coco Chanel’s advice to look in the mirror and remove an accessory before leaving the house translates well to planning a hen weekend. Once you have compiled a schedule, go through it and take off one activity to give your guests enough time to relax and enjoy themselves.

Personalise Your Hen Party

Handmade badges, special balloons, the bride’s face as photo masks, custom hen party temporary tattoos and specially printed bags are all fantastic ways to personalise your party. There are more fantastic ideas over at The Hen Fairy.

Keep Track of the Money

One of the biggest roles of planning a hen party is keeping tabs of who has paid. Give your guests ample notice about how much is due and when (and send helpful little reminders). Be flexible with your plans to accommodate those who want to take part but may not have a lot of money, or who may not be able to get a full weekend away from work, or the kids. For example, if you’re having a day and a night-time activity, then make it clear that they don’t have to attend both if they can’t manage it and that the bride will be over the moon to see them whatever.

Start the Introductions Early

Set up a private Facebook or Whatsapp group where people can post photos of themselves and stories about how they know the bride. Having an online group is also a fantastic and easy way of communicating with everyone in one go.


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