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Hosting an Enchanting Autumn Hen Party

5 Oct 2023

As the leaves start to change colours and a cool breeze sweeps through the air, there’s no denying that autumn has arrived. With its crisp air, cosy sweaters, and warm drinks, fall is the perfect season for celebrations, including hen parties. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the process of hosting an autumn-themed hen party that both the bride and her guests will cherish forever.



Selecting the right location is crucial for setting the perfect autumn atmosphere. Consider renting a cosy cabin in the woods, a rustic barn, or a charming countryside cottage. These settings not only provide a stunning backdrop for your festivities but also allow you to take advantage of the season’s beauty. Picture a bonfire under the starry sky or a picturesque hayride through the golden-hued fields!


Create a warm and inviting atmosphere with rustic decorations. Incorporate elements like pumpkins, leaves, and mason jars filled with autumn blooms. Don’t forget to add a touch of gold or copper for a hint of elegance. Scatter fairy lights or lanterns around the venue to give your hen party a magical glow.

Seasonal Delights

Autumn is known for its delicious seasonal treats. Plan a menu filled with hearty comfort foods such as pumpkin soup, apple cider and caramel apples. Consider a wine or cider-tasting session to add a touch of sophistication to your party. You can even hire a caterer to create a custom menu that embraces the flavours of fall.


Keep your guests entertained with autumn-themed activities. Pumpkin carving, apple bobbing, or a DIY wreath-making station are excellent choices. You can also organize a scavenger hunt through the woods to make the most of the stunning fall foliage. There are a tonne of ideas on TikTok!

Cosy attire

Encourage your guests to embrace the season by dressing in cosy, autumn attire. Think flannel shirts, chunky jumpers, and stylish boots.

Hosting an autumn hen party can be a truly magical experience for both the bride and her guests. Embrace the season’s beauty, indulge in delicious fall-inspired treats, and create lasting memories against a backdrop of colourful foliage and cosy gatherings. With the right planning and a touch of creativity, your autumn hen party is bound to be an enchanting and unforgettable event!

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