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How to Minimise Stress When Planning A Hen Party

1 Sep 2022

Bridesmaid sitting in pool at Hen Party

It is a great honour to be asked to be a bridesmaid at your best friend’s wedding.


However, as a bridesmaid, you will almost certainly have a significant role to play in the organising of the hen party, which can intimidate even the most organised of individuals.


While in theory, planning such an exciting event should be enjoyable, there is a great deal of pressure to get it just right, with numerous elements to consider. With so many individuals involved in the process too, tensions can run high and disagreements are inevitable.


The good news is that there are plenty of simple ways to minimise the stress of planning a hen party, so you can make it the best weekend of your friend’s life.


Carefully Consider the Guest List

While some brides view their hen party as an intimate celebration with their closest friends, others see it as an opportunity to bring together all their friends from various aspects of their lives to celebrate before the big day. Therefore, it’s best to ask the bride to make a list of who she’d like to be there. Remember to consider everyone she values in her life, including friends, family, and coworkers, because you don’t want to leave anyone out. However, because you don’t want any drama, it’s also important to consider the combination of different personalities, the mixing of friend groups, and a variety of other dynamics. To ensure a low level of stress, carefully consider who will work well together, who will bring the drama, and who will bring the fun.


Set a Budget

While it’s understandable to want to give the bride-to-be the finest send-off possible, it’s crucial to keep everyone’s personal budgets in mind. Therefore, price up the hen party as soon as possible so that everyone is aware of the cost before committing to attend.  The expense of the bride’s night or weekend is usually split among the entire group, so keep that in mind too. To alleviate financial stress for both yourself and your guests, provide your guests with payment amounts and due dates in advance. This enables them to plan for what they will need to save and avoids any unpleasant surprises. If they know how much money they need to pay and when they need to pay it, you won’t have to hassle them either.


Pick an Appropriate Hen Party Activity

One of the most exciting yet challenging parts of arranging a hen party is picking an activity. The bride is the main focus, so it’s crucial to arrange an activity that she will genuinely love and enjoy. However, it’s also important to select an activity that is suitable for everyone else on the guest list, including pregnant hens, mother-in-laws, elderly guests, and younger guests. Spa days, afternoon teas, cookery classes, and private chefs are excellent choices if you’re arranging a more sophisticated hen party that needs to be suitable for all ages. Everyone may participate regardless of skill, age, or interest. Go-karting, dance lessons, and old-school sports days are all fantastic options if you’re looking for something daring or hosting a hen party for an athletic or thrill-seeking hen. However, life drawing classesnaked butlers, cocktail classes, and strippers are fantastic choices if you’re searching for some classic hen party activities that are truly cheeky to properly send the bride off in style.


Get Organised Early

To ensure that an event like this runs smoothly, begin planning as soon as possible. In addition to having a larger pool of available dates if you plan ahead, you’ll also have a more diverse range of options if you book early. If you make plans ahead of time, you won’t be forced to have afternoon tea at 11 am because that was the only time they had available, and you won’t have to spend hours looking for a buff butler the night before the event because you forgot it was something you needed to book. Not only will you and everyone else have a clear plan of what they are doing, but the hens will also have more time to save up for the occasion, which they will definitely appreciate. By getting organised early, you will minimise the stress greatly.


Communicate with All the Hens

Communication is essential for a successful hen party, from the initial invitations to eliminating uncertainty about the budget and itinerary. If you’re organising the event with a group, choose someone to lead the pack and communicate with everyone at the same time, therefore guests know who to go to when they have a question. WhatsApp is also a useful tool for making initial introductions, sharing ideas, and getting everyone excited about the hen night weekend itself. However, for the important logistical information, it’s probably best to stick to email so that details don’t get lost amongst the chatter.

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