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It Is What It Is! love island 2019

8 Jul 2019

Well well well, love island 2019 is really hotting up!

Now I know it’s a bit like Marmite you either love it or you hate it, but as a nation, we are officially hooked! 

love island logo

It’s the hour of the day where you are transported out of your life and into the life of the villa as a contestant yourself. Feeling their heartache, seeing their elations, laughing at the games and of course, deciding who your own ‘type on paper’ would be to couple up with …


Let’s talk about the villa fashions, sexy swimsuits through to teeny weeny bikinis, covering only the minimal amount that can surely only lead to some very interesting tan lines.  The girls are always looking on point – could you make that effort every single evening? A full-on face of war paint including eyebrows on point night after night! That awful feeling of anxiety on what to wear on a daily basis, the feeling we all dread before a night out! All of that stress to go and sit in the garden? I saw it first are definitely excelling themselves, providing amazing outfits that everyone now wants to own!

fashinonable pineapples

The boys have their very own outdoor gym, surely that’s what every guy wants? Your own gym with a viewing gallery for the girls to watch them flexing their biceps?

On to the ladies, Is it just us or do the girls never seem to work out? Despite the fact they all have perfect figures? How do they manage that?

We personally are huge fans of the show and are glued to it every night! Our very own butler Marino Katsouris who is from Brighton was a contestant a few years ago he, unfortunately, didn’t find love but had a great time in the villa. He said that life in the villa is quite different to how we see it, of course, all that we see is what happens but they also have so much more fun, swimming competitions, sit down meals with a private chef and a stocked dressing room of clothes and products to use! 

With roughly 3 weeks left to go until the final, we are waiting with anticipation as to what trials and tribulations lie along the way and who will end up the winning couple?

love island

Stay tuned in to ITVB to keep up to date with the Islands gossip and head to the love island shop for your very own personalised water bottles, washbags, suitcases… well just about anything personalisable!

love island personalised items



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