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Last Minute Hen Party Ideas

24 Oct 2023

Not all of us have the luxury of planning and organizing our hen nights well in advance. Some of us find ourselves faced with last-minute proposals, leading to impromptu wedding dates, and leaving us scrambling for last-minute hen party ideas. If you’re in this situation, you’ve come to the right place. Just because you have limited time to prepare doesn’t mean your hen do can’t be extraordinary!

Our Favorite Last-Minute Hen Party Ideas

Reserve a VIP Spot in Your Local Hangout

If you and your friends have a favourite local hangout, consider reserving tables or a private room as a last-minute hen party idea. This way, you can enjoy the ambience of your beloved wine or gin bar while having a designated space just for your group.

Girls’ Games Night In

In our younger days, board games might have seemed boring, but when you add your own rules and incorporate some wine and shots, game night takes on a whole new dimension. We personally love games like Tequila Shot Monopoly, where landing in jail means taking a shot, or Cluedo, where incorrect guesses result in dares. Classic Twister also becomes hilariously challenging after a few glasses of prosecco.

Feel free to modify your favourite games, and the more intricate or time-sensitive they are, the more entertaining they become in the heat of competition. As a last-minute hen party idea, this option allows everyone to join in, or if they prefer, just watch and take photos for future laughs. The games night can naturally transition into a pyjama party with movies and quality time with your besties.

Book a Local Activity

Cocktail class

While the tradition is to have a hen weekend away, if time is of the essence and you’re seeking doable last-minute hen party ideas, consider booking a nearby activity or two. Most of us are within reach of a place that offers a cocktail class, paintball, karting, or even activities like surfing or coasteering if you’re close to the coast. For those who’d rather not break a sweat, there are suppliers who offer fun icebreaker hen party activities such as CSI Save The Groom, Treasure Hunt, Murder Mystery Dinner, or The Cube.

These options are close to home, budget-friendly, and still ensure a fantastic day (or night) out with the bride-to-be before her big day.

Spontaneous Flight Plans

This idea works best with a small group and involves some spontaneity. You can take inspiration from those adventurous souls who show up at the airport with nothing but carry-on bags and decide on their destination based on the departure boards. However, it can get a bit tricky if you’ve packed for a tropical getaway and end up in an unexpected location.

If you like the idea but want to be slightly more prepared, assign the bride with the task of making the decision the night before you travel, giving everyone a brief window to pack accordingly.

Luxurious Lodge Retreat

If you’re able to travel, why not explore an overnight or weekend stay in an Airbnb or luxury lodge? This is an excellent last-minute hen party idea that doesn’t have to be stressful to organise. Simply choose a region or area and see what accommodations are available for your desired dates.

Holiday rentals often have last-minute cancellations, which means you might snag a discounted rate, leaving you with more money to spend on wine – always a good thing!

Garden Party Extravaganza

Embrace your inner royalty with a garden party twist as a last-minute idea. You can host it in your own backyard or “volunteer” the friend with the most extensive garden space (cue the evil laugh). If the weather cooperates, it can be an open-air event, or you can set up a gazebo in case of rain.

Ask everyone to bring a bottle (or two) and some food – cucumber sandwiches need not apply. Decorate the garden with colourful bunting and borrow tables and chairs from friends and family. If the party rages on into the early morning, enchanting fairy lights are a must. Encourage your girls to dress in their finest party attire and give yourselves whimsical titles for the night. After a few drinks, you might even believe you’re the Duchess of Dundee or the Countess of County Cork.

Foodie Delight

If you’re a food enthusiast or have a passion for gin, cheese, wine, or anything else, you’ll likely find a food and drink-related event for your last-minute hen party. Booking a tour of a distillery, brewery, winery, or artisan cheese maker should be a breeze, given the abundance of excellent producers across the UK and Ireland. In addition to indulging in delectable food and drinks, you’ll also have the chance to support local businesses and discover new favourites.

Adventure in the Wilderness

Getting back to nature doesn’t require the survival skills of Bear Grylls. A fantastic last-minute hen party idea is to gather your friends and head out into the wilderness. If you live in a place with wild camping options, like Scotland, you don’t even need to book a campsite or glamping pod. All you need is a tent, a stove, and some plastic wine glasses, and you can explore wherever your heart desires. A camping weekend offers breathtaking scenery, fresh air, and quality bonding time with your besties.

Check Local Events

If you’re truly stuck for last-minute hen party ideas, check out local listings for events happening near you on your chosen night or weekend. Cities always have a variety of events throughout the year, so with a little browsing and discussion with your friends, you’re bound to find the perfect last-minute activity for your group.

In conclusion, planning a wedding can be stressful, leaving little time for other celebrations. If wedding preparations are consuming your schedule, we hope these last-minute hen party ideas provide you with some much-needed inspiration.

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