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Entertain Your Party Guests with Naked Butlers

17 Mar 2014

No party night is complete without some entertainment. Who wants to attend a party where there is no fun? People go to parties to socialise, unwind, let their hair down and release the tension of a busy working week. There are other reasons to arrange or attend a party… A marriage ceremony, birthday party or anniversary. Whatever the reason for throwing a party, there has to be a WOW factor! So, entertain and amuse your party guests with a buff butler from Butlers with Bums! Leave it to us – the professionals!


Entertain and Amuse Your Party Invitees


Professional Naked Butlers in UK


Entertain and amuse your party guests!

When it comes to professional entertainers for your party night, there is no match for the naked butlers. If you are planning an amazing event, you need to consider the needs of the person for whom you’re throwing the party. For example, if it’s a hen night and the bride-to-be isn’t comfortable with a naked butler, there is no point in hiring them. But, 9 out of 10 times, a naked butler is exactly what is needed to make the party fun, exciting and very memorable! Entertain and amuse your party guests, and they’ll have an unforgettable time. Our hunky butlers are really worth inviting. With their fun, hilarious activities and games, they’ll make everyone laugh out loud. These guys are extremely energetic, passionate about their job, proficient, professional and with a good sense of humour! They’ll even serve drinks, food and appetisers. You can definitely leave the hosting and entertainment to these guys!

Click the link to find out how to entertain and amuse your party guests. Just let us know your party date and location, and we’ll do the rest so that you don’t have to.

Or, for help organising a Hen Party, just click here for more information on our services:


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