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New Years Resolutions!

28 Dec 2018

We make them every year but who really sticks to them? With 80% of people failing their resolutions by July it’s no wonder we struggle to keep them, the odds are against us!!

What will your resolution be this year? Here are our top tips on keeping you on the straight and narrow!

Be realistic

If you have never exercised before you are not about to start doing it every single day religiously. Start your goal off low,  you may love it and end up training more and more but don’t beat yourself up if you only fancy it once or twice a week – that is still better than none!

lady lunging for fitness

Never go cold turkey ( excuse the Christmas pun)

Realistically you are not about to give up cake and never have a slice ever again. Cutting down on things is far more achievable and has benefits too! You can still have a cheeky slice of cake, don’t feel like you are not achieving your goal!

If you slip up don’t give up!

Ok its day 14, you have been doing amazingly well and… uh oh, you have a slight slip up! Do not give up, you have not failed! Remember how well you have been doing and start again the next day

lady eating cake

Try a family resolution or one with friends

These resolutions are far more achievable if you all make changes you are there for each other. If you want to go to the gym more, choose some friends that want to too and you can encourage each other. If you want to give up chocolate – give it up as a family, don’t buy it and the temptation will not be there for anyone!

Its ok to have more than one!

Ok, perhaps you have several things you would like to change about yourself post-2018. They don’t all have to be new year resolutions that you share with everyone. Write them down and keep them on a vision board! Change one thing at a time, don’t beat yourself up if you fail at one and excel at another. Just keep it all in mind and you will get there in the end! One thing at a time.

vision board

Lastly, if you’re giving up smoking

This is undoubtedly one of the hardest things for a smoker to do. Make sure you get the help you need from a doctor, take baby steps and reward yourself. Put the money you would normally spend on a pack into a savings jar, at the end of each month treat yourself to something you have wanted for ages. We all know the health benefits are enormous and you could also be richer by next Christmas with all the money you would save in a year!

butlers and hens playing games

Why not treat yourself and your friends to a gorgeous buff Butler or a nude life drawing class as a reward for doing so amazingly with your resolutions. After all, we all need a treat once in a while!

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