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How To Deal With Seven Unavoidable Types of Women at Hen Parties

18 Aug 2014

How To Deal With Seven Unavoidable Types of Women at Hen Parties
Cast From Mean Girls

In our past articles, we gave you different tips, venues and what-to-do ideas. In this article, we’re talking about how to deal with seven unavoidable types of women at hen parties!

The Regina George

Anyone who has watched Mean Girls will know Regina George. She’s the leader of the group who cares about nothing but her figure, the latest trends in fashion, and boys. She’s Queen Bee and has many followers at her disposal. If you are expecting a ‘Regina George’ at your hen party, don’t let her take the spotlight from the bride. Women like this crave attention, so never let them near the stage or the microphone. How to spot one? Well, Regina George is famous for her eye-rolling antics so if anyone gives you this look, brace yourself!

The Control Freak

We all have that friend who knows everything and plans everything without letting you speak your mind. They are demanding and stubborn. Their decision usually favours them. The proper way to deal with this kind of person is to simply let them win. How? Control freaks love planning, so, if you inspire confidence, you can both work together and she will relinquish total control.

The Alcoholic Diva

There is nothing wrong with being drunk at a hen party but being drunk and shouting, or cursing words of abuse while dancing around wearing next to nothing, or crying to get attention… Well, that’s another matter altogether! Face this type of woman with class and dignity. Show her that you can all have fun with the cheeky butlers, without having to stoop down to a wasted level. Also, take control of their alcohol flow.

The Mouse

She sings in the choir or recites poetry. The Mouse occasionally musters up enough courage from time to time to do things outside her comfort zone. If she is present at your hen party, just let her do her thing. Never force her to do anything she doesn’t want to do, or it may backfire!

The Copycat

So you decided to buy that sweet little dress for the hen party. So did your friend. You also bought that designer bag you’ve been eyeing up for weeks. What a coincidence, so did she! Meet: The Copycat. She is the sweet simple girl, a carbon copy of your choices, opinions, preferences and likes. Try to ask her what she wants and she will reply, “whatever you like”! Copycats can’t help being a copycat. Most are just victims of low self-esteem but some are also the product of pure jealousy. The one thing they hate the most is if they are forced to do things they are not comfortable with. Tell them to make their own decisions as the party gets underway.

The Lindsay

The ‘Lindsay’ is a woman who is just like her Hollywood star equivalent. They are pretty, the life and soul of the party but totally over-emotional. They are fun to be with but they don’t seem to be aware of their limits. Have fun with them but know when to stop.

The Hussy

For them, age is just a number. They are the kinkiest of the bunch and are usually seen dancing on tables. One thing you can do is to limit the alcohol on their table and allow others to mingle with them. They can be hard to control in numbers – especially when alcohol starts to kick in.

Remember that not everyone will be 100% happy with everything at the hen party. There will be someone who will raise an eyebrow but, as long as the hen is having the time of her life, that’s all that matters!

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