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Still Life Drawing Model in Edinburgh

14 Apr 2014

Life drawing has become popular in many parts of the world. It is creative, interesting and very fun. In the UK and many other countries, party hosts are hiring life-drawing models for hen nights and stag parties. Why? Because they make them exciting, unusual and very memorable! Therefore, hiring a life-drawing model in Edinburgh is a must. The models lighten up any kind of situation and involve everyone to enjoy moments together. They are cheeky, hunky and good at staying still, while you sketch them!

Turn your party into a place of exceptional fun with life-drawing models


Hen Party Life Drawing


Strike a pose! Life drawing model in Edinburgh – at your service!

Partying is all about fun. Therefore, as a party host, it will be your top priority and responsibility to ensure all your guests are entertained and delighted. What better way than having some life-drawing models around? They are attractive, gorgeous and, more importantly, extremely professional. You can ask them to be seated in front of your guests and can involve the invitees in making sketches of the model. So much fun is hidden in it and it will turn out to be the most eye-catching part of your event. Go on… Hire a life-drawing model in Edinburgh for your event!

So, call us or contact us online to book one of our models… You’ll have the most memorable party yet!

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