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Survival Of The Fittest

24 Feb 2018

If you, like the rest of the nation, have been missing the drama, emotions and humour of Love Island, then don’t fear as Survival of the fittest is here. Survival of The Fittest is the new reality TV show that is sure to be 100% your type on paper.

Winters Love Island

The ITV2 show has been coined as the ‘winter Love Island’ and just like Love Island it is on everyday at 9pm on ITV2 for three weeks. The contestants all stay in ‘The Lodge’ which is this series version of The Villa.

The TV Show features a group of young sexy singletons who are sent to the boiling hot South African Savannah to take part in the ultimate battle of the sexes. The men and women battle it out through a series of mental and physical challenges

With the success of the Love Island series, producers behind the much loved show were already inviting daring singles from around the country to apply for an experience like no other. This experience would see 6 girls and 6 boys living together under the sizzling sun of the African savannah as they battle it out in order to win a big cash prize. The winning team could take home £40,000 at the end of the three weeks.

Similarly to Love Island, viewers are able to vote off the contestants that they don’t like and they are also responsible for choosing which of the sexes comes out on top. As well as that, after each competition depending on whoever wins, the team votes off someone off of the opposing team.

Survival of the fittest

However, with all these good lookings singles in their swim wear all day, there is also the opportunity to romance the opposing teammates. But this could of course could cost them the expense of their teams chances in the competitions.

The Contestants

Survival of the fittest first aired on the 11th February and we are already seeing contestants leaving at a rapid rate. Dani Dyer who is Danny Dyer’s daughter was the first to go as she dislocated her shoulder through a challenge on the show. Two girls were then eliminated, Georgie Clark and Tia Latham who have both been kicked off the show due to having low public votes and the boys kicking them off. The first boy to be kicked off of the show was Ryan Cleary and following that Lottie James was also axed.

How to Vote

Voting is easy and you can vote to save your favourite through the ITV Survival of The Fittest app and results are announced by the host Laura Whitmore at the end of each elimination episode.

Also, If you miss any of the episodes, you will be able to catch up on the channel’s streaming service, ITV Hub.

So, If Survival Of The Fittest is making you feel hot and steamy with all those six packs and the sub-saharan sun, you’ll need one of our butlers. You can compete with one of hunks in hen party challenges and admire him and all his good looks. He’ll be the perfect host to accommodate you throughout your event.

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